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This is how we want to remember Patrick Swayze, who died today at 57 from pancreatic cancer. In 1987 he starred in the ultimate summer romance movie “Dirty Dancing” and millions of females fell madly in love with him. Good girls are always attracted to bad boys, especially if they can dance. Masculine Patrick also inspired guys – he made it OK for macho men to dance. (Without Patrick there would be no Channing Tatum.) Patrick was a gentleman and well liked in Hollywood. His wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi, was with him to the end.

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  1. He gave a serious illness a good fight & did it with dignity. That’s all any of us can hope for at the end.

  2. I wish he hadn’t smoked heavily even until the end. 3 packs a day for years and years. So sad, and others should learn from this. I have read that he is a buddhist.

  3. Celeste: Quit it with the Smoking business. It’s an addiction, not a character flaw. Everyone has at least one addiction, weather it’s nicotine or gossip. Dammit, I wish people would just let other people be themselves without judging. Dammit.

  4. Rest in peace dear Mr. Swayze. You graced us with memorable performances, amazing dancing, humor, dignity, and showed us that real men can be many things, not the least of which a devoted husband of 34 years. You will never be forgotten!

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