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This is what Paris Hilton is coming home to – after she visits Taco Bell, of course. Vandals decorated the front of her house with an ad for the Paris Exposed site that features all those lurid photos, videos, diaries, personal memorabilia etc from her big storage unit that was sold. We just wonder – how many people actually would PAY $20 to see MORE of Paris Hilton for 30 days? Haven’t we seen ENOUGH?

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  1. I hope the crooked D.A. that sent her away”you know,the one whos wife was busted while driving on a suspended lic but got off scott free” Gets whats coming to him.And the judge who goes to numbers in west hollywood looking for pretty muscle boys? Sordid men looking for fame and paris paid the price for it.Why didnt ANYONE make a fuss when michelle rodriguez from Lost was sent to jail for 30 days and was sent home in an ankle braclett in 6 hours?makes you wonder huh??

  2. STOP POSTING INFO ON PARIS HILTON! This is ridiculous and neither gossip nor news.
    Gee, Paris’ house got tagged!
    STFU already!!

  3. Nobody wants to see or hear about Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!
    I hope Larry King gets the lowest ratings ever when she’s on his show. He got her by default after the major networks passed. Two losers.
    Anybody taking bets on how long before she starts her old life up again?

  4. Paris Hilton a “changed” woman? Oh pluueeeze… she’s accepting a huge fee for media appearances. See, a ‘changed’ woman would take all those fees and donate them to charity. She’s a bimbette and will never be anything but. Stupid act? Honey, it’s no act.

  5. HATERS.I bet all the hate posts are from fat ugly chicks that cant get laid.The ones that WISH they could look sexy out yet due to their girth they cant and dont.Dont hate on paris ladies,just cause your fat heffers.

  6. Paris Hilton rules what–the high school dropouts? The worthless, do-nothings that live off their trust funds? The irresponsible, empty-headed drunk drivers? The idiots who are so stupid they film their sexcapades? Those in need of megadoses of penicillin?
    Tell me, what exactly does Paris Hilton rule that counts in this society?

  7. Paris is a beautiful and talented woman! One to be admired and adored.
    Thanks the heavens and stars that she’s free and able to go about her life again.
    We all love and adore you forever Paris!

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