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Paris Hilton is trying AWFULLY hard to get her picture taken. How many women dress up in a leopard bathing suit and dress their DOG in a matching leopard outfit AND schlep around a hot pink surf board? Could she be any less subtle? And photographers continue to snap her, and magazines still buy the pictures. It’s like a hellish merry-go-round that we can’t get off of. The only redeeming element is the puppy.

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  1. No, you can get off the go-round, Miss Charleton.
    There is nothing this woman has done that warrants the media attention she receives.
    Make her go away- STOP talking about her.

  2. Would it have really mattered what she wore, or whether she no zero or 10 puppies in tow?
    She is, who she is. She makes news. There are still a lot of people out here that like her–in spite of the seemingly jealous slants from certain media outlets.
    How would any of us really function if our folks had a gazillion dollars and we were pampered from day one?
    Answer: Not much different than Paris.

  3. She needs a child to lavish all this stuff on not a dog. Granted the dog is cute but it’s a dog. It doesn’t need clothes! It already has fur.

  4. She should become a big sister to one of those skid row children who live in Downtown L.A. but have never been to the beach. (I am) Where’s the newborn Paris we’re supposed to be seeing? Just an idea.

  5. And you continue to print this crap. Shame on you.

  6. Such an unflattering suit! Jessica Alba is wearing a much cuter monokini by DG in a recent GQ.

  7. I know I always wear heels with my bathing suit! Enough of this worthless twit!

  8. She’s wearing pumps to the beach? And who watches that cute pup while she’s in the water? Yes, everyone should stop having anything to do with tv, pictures, websites, etc to do with Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Brittany and anyone else that is so desperate for approval that they get themselves into such trouble as being sentenced to jail and wonder why. It’s very SAD.

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