Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits already lost his nightclub management job in Las Vegas and his next loss will probably be Paris. Paris absolutely has to stay out of trouble for a year to avoid going to jail for her drug possession rap and dating a Las Vegas playboy is flirting with danger. Paris and Cy have not been getting along since they returned from Hawaii. Her delighted parents are urging her to end her relationship with Waits NOW because he likes to party WAY too much.


  1. I don’t know how Paris Seems to get off of these drug charges while Lindsay Lohan is headed to jail for her behavior. I think Paris thinks she is above the law, and it ticks me off! It’s not nice to say but I wish she would get a little heat put her way instead of always blaming someone else for her mistakes.

  2. Paris gets away with more because she has a NAME and Lindsay does not. The ideals of industrial America are long dead – all Americans are NOT equal.

  3. Any poor black woman with a rap sheet like P. Hilton’s would be doing prison time. This is another blatant expose of the criminal American legal system.

  4. If Paris didn’t have all that money, she would be either a stripper or a porn star with a meth or crack habit.

  5. So, the parents don’t approve of Cy Waits. Yet the countless shady characters who have mixed their sex germs with Paris’s…well I guess that’s OK. Rick Salomon comes to mind, with whom she made the infamous sex tape. If the parents disapproved of Rick, I don’t remember hearing a peep.I forgot the reason they don’t approve of Cy is he parties too much, like she doesn’t party !!. Is there a shrink on earth than can analyze the brains of the parents and their slutty offspring?

  6. Is there anyone with a penis that this slut hasn’t slept with? What is the purpose of her life, does she have one?

  7. Palermo, I think the purpose of someone like Paris is to catch the attention of the little people. She is the distraction in a slight of hand trick.

    Paris is someone from the ruling classes who is happy to behave like a cheap tramp from the wrong side of the tracks. The little people can gawk at her, feel a connection with her (“Hey, she dates douche bags too!”),or feel that smug poor-person’s moral superiority, and watch her every move. Meanwhile, the powerbrokers, and the filthy rich can get on with running the world, and picking the pockets of the peasants.

    Enjoy everyone!!!

  8. That’s rich. More like Cy Waits folks are begging HIM to break up with HER!

    But, oh no… the Hiltons must protect their poor, little innocent Paris –before her stellar reputation is tainted by Cy and his “hard-partying” ways! LOL

    Love her or loathe her… fact is, hooking up with Paris Hilton is taking a bite from the poisonous apple, guys.

  9. HaHaHa! Who was the guy who supposedly woke up next to Paris and then rushed to the kitchen to pour cleaner over his penis?

  10. The word penis is being bandied around a lot. I prefer the more delicate term wee wee.

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