We couldn’t help but laugh when we heard that Rosie O’Donnell and six “casually dressed” friends were turned away by security guards at the door at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ fancy Miami New Year’s Eve party. We picture Rosie’s buddies as being no-nonsense hefty athletic girls like herself – dressed in t shirts, baggy shorts and crocs. No makeup or stilettos there. Uninformed guards would certainly be prone to refuse entrance to such a group – they know their boss Diddy favors sexy hot young girls. Maybe if the gals had dressed for the occasion it would have been a different story.



  1. Yuuucky poo, I almost lost my lunch looking at this picture. That Rosie is one nasty looking woman/man! Oohh, how funny it would have been to see her show up to P Diddy’s dressed liked this. Hahahaaaaaa

    Gosh it would be utterly frightening waking up to this every morning!

  2. I dress comfortably myself and she has every right to dress however she wants to, but going to a New Years Party, at Puffy’s place, she should have known, and those with her too, to put on some glittery outfits and have some fun. No reason why a heavyset lesbian can’t look attractive as well, and glam up to party!

  3. At a hip hop party the only ones who can be gay are the closeted men!

  4. I like Rosie’s on-screen persona but off-duty she looks like the lesbian mafia. I wouldn’t want to get in her way.

  5. I hate how she is dressed and I believe that how you dress should show respect for the occasion, but Rosie would make a lot more interesting guest than some flashy girl in a sequinned mini-skirt. That guard was not thinking with his brain when he denied her entry. On the other hand, perhaps he had strict instructions from his boss. Diddy has an awfully fragile ego. This makes him pretty superficial. He probably thinks that his image would be contaminated by having a poorly dressed guest. Idiot!

  6. She is truly scary looking with a REALLY nasty disposition. Remind me to NEVER wear crocs! I just hope I don’t have nightmares tonight.

  7. Diddy probably told the security guards, only allow women with DD’s, under 110lbs, and no older than 24. Rosie bats 3 for 3! Or maybe 2 for 3, she’s probably got the DD’s nailed!

  8. Oops, face is a little shade of pink.

    I meant she struck out on all 3!

  9. as the gays marry you will see much more of this and what kind of lesson is it for the kids?

    This is a face only Ellen could love.

  10. only her name was on the list.. she chose to bring friends.. very crass and rude

  11. Ha….one knarly dykster. Crocs is the new lesbowear.

    Was Jada there too? She would have been going after Whitney if so.

  12. Yeesh. That leg tattoo looks like it was as painful to acquire as it is unattractive.

  13. I wouldn’t want to tangle with that huge fug-ugly dyke. She could take down a croc, skin it, tan it and make shoes out of it. Oh, she did!

  14. Walt, she could probably beat the snot out of the average person with one arm tied behind her back. Any lesbo (and there have been many) that shacks up with her must be desperate to live in luxury….but at what price? Yuck. 🙂

  15. Walt, and if the croc should win the rasslin’ match, he would probably gag and barf her up. 🙂

    And then he would say, *what the hell was that*. LOL

  16. Fight her Christine lord no.
    I’d lunge in quick to a tight hug and foot sweep her gently to the ground. Then I’d start kissin er reeeal nice till she cried.
    Following the usual, female… emotional… bullshit, she would relent. Surrender herself to the sex god that is Patrick!! It’s undeniable you know.
    Then I would leave her on the deck, as the steaming, pile of goo, she is.
    Fuck yeah!!

  17. no wonder Oprah hired an army to fix Rosie up everyday before she gets on her show, she looks like a cleaning lady here

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