Fans of Val Kilmer, 57, will be happy to see that the mysterious actor, who’s been out of sight for a long time, finally turned up at the W magazine Golden Globes party at Chateau Marmont, and he looks healthier. His physical condition has been a big issue and the fact that he’s a Christian Scientist made people wonder if he was getting medical attention. Val insists that he IS, and said he did not have throat cancer, but was suffering from a “swollen tongue.” And his neck is no longer wrapped up. At least he’s feeling well enough to party and after a two year absence onscreen, he has a few movies lined up for 2017.

Above, fans and paparazzi got very excited to see Val and mobbed him!)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Wait a minute. Is that image photoshopped? That dark left hand looks like it’s from his arm, but that lighter colored hand below it could be too. There appears to be a disembodied hand there.

  2. Oh never mind. Now I can see the smidgen of the black guy’s face behind Val’s head. He’s the one reaching around Val’s mid section.

    My old tired eyes!

  3. Val looks great–so much better than last year; and his illness obviously contributed to some weight loss.

    But SO unhelpful for his buddy, verbal-dysentery-sufferer Michael Douglas to publicly diagnose him–and erroneously, to boot!

    Remember when he disclosed to the world that his own mouth cancer was the result of performing oral sex (on his wife, presumably)?!!

    Catherine Zeta Jones must have been THRILLED with that bit of publicity. (Was that when she relapsed with the pills and booze?)

    That said, settle-in with “The Ghost and The Darkness”–starring Val and MD. It is excellent. 😀

  4. Obviously, he has been very ill. Possibly, he may still be.

    Of course, given his religion, he may not consider himself sick (even when he is).

  5. This man has been very seriously ill, and I suspect it was far more than a swollen tongue.

    The several pix I saw of him last year with a large scarf around his neck adds to what I feel may be the real issue.

    He’s a very good actor; it’s his health, and he is obviously not ready o announce it to the world. Certainly, it wasn’t MD’s place to blab.

    I’m wondering if he has fully recovered as someone is heavily guiding him and he too is leaning for support. Time will tell, but as a survivor myself, I wish him well.

  6. Perhaps, he isn’t sick at all and he ‘s just showcasing a new line of scarves he is selling?

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