Both Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s first wife Diandra are very agitated about the fact that Michael has implied that his throat cancer was caused by a sex disease. Both women want the world to know that they do NOT carry HPV, and Michael has started backtracking. However, it’s clear to us that Michael is referring back to his days as a raving sex-addict. Michael was a cheater who bedded almost every leading lady (are you reading this, Sharon Stone?) every attractive bit player, producer’s daughters, and his wife’s best friends. In his heyday, he was known for his trysts at every fancy hotel in LA and New York. He thinks it was those youthful indiscretions that led to his cancer, not so much the smoking and drinking, but who knows?



  1. Mikey had better hope Catherine keeps taking her bi-polar meds. She would beat the s**t out of him for opening his big yap.

    Be sure your sins will find you out.

    In other words: Play now, pay later.

  2. I remember reading that he was treated for the sex addiction but the cancer from diving is the first time I heard that could happen. Hope he is all mended!

  3. Ellen, Hillary, Rachael, Rosie, and Latifah and their partners are probably worried today!

  4. There was nothing to gain here. Perhaps a private conversation with his wife was in order and not a press conference proclaiming his sexual history for the world to gossip over.

  5. Get over it! HPV is not some sordid disease that only affects dirty people. It would be a bigger surprise if his (ex)wives do NOT have HPV.

    This is from a reputable Canadian news source (CTV):

    “It is estimated that more than 75 per cent of sexually active Canadian men and women will have a sexually transmitted HPV infection at some point in their lives. Some put that number even higher.
    Most HPV infections occur without any symptoms and go away without treatment. But some strains persist and can cause cells in the genital, anal and oral area to become cancerous.
    There is no cure for HPV infection, but the warts, lesions and cancerous changes caused by the virus can be treated.
    There are also two vaccines available in Canada to prevent HPV in girls, Gardasil and Cervarix, both of which prevent HPV-16, the strain that causes the most cases of oropharyngeal cancer.
    Dr. O’Sullivan says the key to getting HPV infection rates down is through vaccination and says that boys should become a target group for public education and vaccination. Public HPV vaccination programs in Canada and the U.S. are mainly aimed at girls.
    “We need to face the problem, and this is a real problem and a preventable problem in the long term,” O’Sullivan said.”

    What I am saying is that there IS a point to Douglas having a public discussion about his cancer. His admission is a step toward necessary public education.

  6. I havent seen any news about his ex-wife Diandra responding to his comments. Either way she must be cackling because he parted with 100 million to be with Catherine Zeta Jones.
    Is this the reason why she went in to rehab for her bipolar for his issues and securities She should have went bipolar on him and then divorce him for everything especially slander.

  7. There WAS an article by the first wife, she’s “clean”.

  8. If “going downtown” causes cancer..well I would of been dead 25 years ago!!!!!! Thanks for the scare M. Douglas. You idiot!

  9. Correction:

    Ellen, Hillary, Rachael, Rosie, and Latifah and their FEMALE partners are probably worried today!

    Could this have contributed to Whitney’s demise?

  10. This is very real folks, I know an older gentleman who died from an HPV infection (turned cancerous) it was on his tongue, throat, lungs etc. Yes from diving (as a PP eloquently phrased). The gentleman was very informative because he was shocked this action led to his demise. His physician is seeing more and more of this type of cancer. Throat cancer isn’t only from acid reflux and smoking unfortunately it’s now the fastest growing cancer in America

    STD’s are dangerous period. This is why GOD’s laws on monogamy is presented to us. HE tries to protect our selves from our selves.

  11. Strom, do you ever pause to notice that no ever responds sympathetically to your posts ? No one ever says, right on ! or too funny, or even .. ouch !

    The reason is simple really, we generally think you’re a f*ucking retard, thats right I said it.

    Just a nasty little prick, one, microscopically informed.

    You’re the straw dummy Strom, a fool and a drooler, a total waste of space, bloody brain dead creepy.

    oh … and PISS OFF

  12. Ha…by saying WE do you seek to speak for the world? Sorry, it doesn’t work.

    Please point out where I am inaccurate. There is much more lesbian diving action today than Michael Douglas ever engaged in.

  13. OK, inquiring minds want to know; who are the famous women he has been with besides Turner and Stone?

  14. Paloma:

    Personally, I think the phrase “any port in a storm” would apply to his philandering ways. And I’m sure he didn’t know the names of most of them and/or has now forgotten them. LOL

  15. Sounds like Bill Clinton who is also supposed to have a STD.

  16. Brenda Vacaro, Janine Turner, Meg Foster are a few more famous women from Michael Douglas’s past.

  17. pathetic @Strom, the same crap post after post. get some new hate material will ya,


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