It was Celebrity Saturday Night at Craig’s Restaurant and Lizzo is still pushing boundaries. We can only imagine what the over 40 crowd inside thought if Lizzo took off her jacket. She was wearing what was described as “a gold bra and panty set” under the white jacket. Question is: DID she take the jacket off?

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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13 thoughts on “OOPS! LIZZO DID IT AGAIN!

  1. This poor woman , whoever she is, appears to be suffering from mental illnesses

  2. I’m surprised she fit in one photo!

    This is one of the most disgusting women out right now, it’s not so much her fatness, but her inability to wear clothes that hold up her loose body parts properly, those breasts look like flat pancakes pressed on her pillsbury body, no dude wants them in their mouth. Not appetizing, I feel bad for the other patrons

  3. For psychologically damaged people negative attention is better than no attention. Lizzo will do whatever it takes to get any attention at all. At least Lizzo doesn’t have a nuclear arsenal at her disposal as did the horrifically damaged orange moron who occupied the White House until Jan 20.

  4. She must not know that everyone thinks her fat flabby body looks disgusting. Trashy and disgusting. And for those that thinks she’s cool for being a fat exhibitionist, she’s unhealthy in mind and body.

    Dan – wow. You just can’t let go of that bone. Obsess much?

  5. Light Brigade,

    Probably. I’m a veteran and I served to protect our democracy. I may have a touch of OCD. It really ticks me off how cheaply some people consider our freedoms.

  6. Dan – Thank you for your service. However, we are a republic, not a democracy.

  7. What sort of a restaurant would allow someone to enter dressed like that. she certainly would put a person off their meal she is disgusting

  8. Dans daily dose of negative attention at JCH.
    Takes one to know one, eh.

  9. I’m sure she didn’t take off her jacket, or we would’ve heard about, of all the diners running screaming out into the night.

  10. Hey Lipps!?
    Were you wounded in the back?
    No witnesses, right!?

  11. She does not have what would be considered a conventially beautiful body but as the photo very clearly shows she has a beautiful face. Also,she is, as we all are, a child of God. Be kind.

  12. She is a fat, unhealthy exhibitionist. Why the need to flash the flesh in the most self-degrading way? She is nasty. That’s why.

  13. Why give these ghetto blacks and Kardashians the publicity they crave?

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