The question of “Who’s the biggest diva – Diana Ross or Naomi Campbell?” may finally have been answered – by someone who knows. Our intrepid gossip pal, CJ from the Star Tribune, spent some quality time with famous hairdresser to the stars, Oribe, and asked him that burning question about his clients. Keep in mind that both divas have demonstrated a criminal disdain for underlings. Oribe thought for moment and decided Diana Ross is “definitely” the bigger Diva. Considering what we know about Naomi’s horrifying tantrums, it really makes one recoil at the thought of Diana’s behavior. (Could it be that wigs and weaves make women feel more powerful and aggressive?)


  1. I’m surprised. I was aware of Diana’s nasty behavior towards airline attendants in the past, but not much else. Naomi is bad enough. Don’t think I need to know the rest of Diana’s story if Oribe is correct.

  2. Really Janet?

    The biggest Boss, Bitch that tops these two is zza gabor, she slapped a cop. That’s balls!

  3. Diana wins by far and it is very much talked about that becuase of the number of sexual encounters her private parts have become so stretched that they are also the biggest.

  4. Diana’s Norwegian industrialist husband divorced her unexpectedly, and then he died a few years later. The rich don’t have it better than the rest of humanity–they just have the ability to buy more crap and travel more luxuriously. Anger issues remain unresolved.

  5. Diva or Not,
    Diana has 5 adult children, and Not 1 word has ever been publicized (that I am aware of) that has
    even hinted that they were show business brats. I am a firm believer that when it comes to our children, if they
    turn out okay, we as parents get half the credit, and if they turn out all wrong, we get all the blame. Say what we will about Diana Ross,but in raising her children she did an A-1 Job,and I applaud her as a mother!

  6. @Leo, thank you, that’s what I’m talking about.

    Shooting fish is a barrel, saying that black women are bitches or divas.

    Janet …

  7. Don’t you remember when Diana told her staff to NEVER make eye contact with her. She wins.

  8. At least our Diana had the talent to entitle her to the DIVA moniker. Naomi’s claim to fame is just due to winning the genetic lottery for long legs. No talent required.

  9. Patrick: looks to me like there is an extra section in that super long finger of hers. Maybe that explains her legs too? Maybe an extra section up under the bikini line?

    Mel: The post is NOT racist, I would be one of the first in line to complain if that were true. It is a simple statement of personality traits of both women that are well known in the public to have terrible pasts in the ways they treat others. Maybe THAT is where you see the racism?

    Leo: I agree with you on the assessment of Diana’s handling of her children. None of then have broken the news as druggies, prostitutes, thiefs, or murderers (a la OJ). Her oldest daughter has a somewhat successful career as a TV actress, but I haven’t heard anything much about the others, good OR bad.

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