Paula Abdul is still out of a job and she has never looked better! Since she left American Idol last summer, she has been linked to a number of possible shows. Dancing with the Stars was a possibility, The X-Factor seemed very probable, now she’s in talks to appear on an updated version of the old Star Search. It seems like she’s very much in demand but in no hurry to commit.


    (pathetic people though)

  2. Not so much in demand actually. The older she gets the much more Mid Eastern she a side shot that nose is hooking and hooking.

  3. Every time I hear her name I think of ‘Abdul the Tentmaker’. She must be a large mix of mid-Eastern descent, she certainly has that look. The major earlier surgery on her nose needs to be re-done. And the tit job was a total disaster, they are pinchy looking.

  4. She looks very pretty and well rested. She doesn’t seem to have that rushed appearance that she usually gets. I even like what she is wearing.

    Can’t help but wonder what she is up to. Is she taking it easy and enjoying life (doubt it) or is this the calm before the storm?

  5. check out for topless pics of the Pretty Wild girl, her boob job is awful and she is smoking a bong

  6. Many wont hire her because of her poor judgement….a judge who was fucking a contestant (black corey clark)! How stupid is that?

  7. You’re right, Strom. I always believed she was boinking Season 2 contestant Corey Clark and promising him the moon. That scandalous episode could have rang the death-knell for the hugely-profitable American Idol franchise, but fortunately Corey was a “nobody” and with no solid proof of what had transpired the entire mess was easily swept under the rug… lucky for Paula, the producers and everyone even remotely associated with AI.

    I still wonder if Paula has any clue what a close call that really was…

  8. Say, uh… I wonder if she’s ever been to Memphis in the last month?

    Put it this way, she needs to get into art (painting), course Paducah is always looking for talented artist for their Arts District.

  9. This is the best pic of her I’ve ever seen. I myself am hoping tho that her TV days are permanently OVER because I can’t take any more of her stupidity, moronic behavior or comments. She’s HAD her time in the limelight and it’s time to retire from the microphone. If she wants to “work” perhaps she could teach coreogrphy, but please, please, please do not put her in front of a camera or mic again, I couldn’t TAKE IT!!!

  10. I hate the jerky irritating way she talked on Idol: I…think you…might..go on to the…next week…but first….you must work..on your…nerves…it just..comes across… are extremely..nervous.

  11. Time just named Paula and Heidi and Spencer as the least influential people, like morons. Paula, hope you saved up lots of cash.

  12. I have to disagree with you on this one Reta, she was comedy relief talking about nothing and sounding like she was drunk or on pills. No one was ever horrible and they had alot, but Paula would go on and on about how they were dressed. Miss that crazy nut.

  13. Does anybody know if she works out ?

    She needs to eat more banana’s, seriously.

    Wonder what she’d look like in a bikini ?

  14. Lenny, my dear, it was pure TORTURE to have to sit thru her droning “critques” on Idol, bad enough we must be subjected to the limited vocabulary of Randy…”Dawg…
    pitchy, etc” who should be fired as well. He gives absolutely NO constructing criticism. Paula tho was so bad that I literally had to mute her most of the time because she became so grating, repetitive,and nonsensical. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see her for free. I think she’s got a mental problem because she makes no sense whatsoever and belongs on no TV shows or radio…she’s just a national joke and the fact that she doesn’t realize this just adds to the evidence.

  15. Reta, I know but her just trying to put together a sentence that anyone could understand just made you want to laugh.

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