Jodie Foster must be wringing her hands every time a new tape of Mel Gibson ranting is released. She and Mel are old friends and because of Mel’s antics, her twenty million dollar movie “The Beaver” is in jeopardy. Jodie directed the dramady starring Mel (photo above) as a disturbed man who communicates through a beaver hand puppet. It’s described as a cross between “Being John Malkovich” and “Lars and the Real Girl.” Jodie is currently avoiding journalists who are eager to get her take on the Mel situation. She’s busy in post-production while the studio releasing the movie, Summit Entertainment, doesn’t know which way to turn. Will Jodie’s fans support HER and forgive her choice in leading men?

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  1. this sounds like one of THE most stupid premises for a movie ever….almost.
    i am speechless that it was even considered at all, for any thing.
    shame on jodi for buying into this ridiculousness.
    as far as mel and everyone butting into his personal life…..bad.

  2. Actually I thought the premise for Being John Malkovich was pretty stupid until I saw the film and ended up loving it. So you never know until you see it for yourself.

    What sucks is that people find it hard to seperate the “actor” and the “person”. I personally don’t care about an actor’s personal life. It’s their problem and it doesn’t affect how I view them on the big screen. Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr. , and so on all have issues, but I don’t let it become the determining factor of whether I want to see a film or not. I go to be entertained.

    This movie may not even see the light of day at the rate his bad publicity is going. It totally sucks because I’ve always loved Jodie and was interested in seeing how this film would turn out.

  3. The title, the premise, both make for BOMB. Add to those the imploding of Mel and what you have is a movie that has spent every penny in vain. Toss it now, don’t spend another second or penney on it, and consider it a lesson in stupidity. Net time, do a study group first with your title and premise before dropping money into a bottomless well. Mel is permanently done, and Jody better start picking some better material if she wants to keep a career.

  4. I would hope that, after all Mel has said and done, Jodie is having pangs of conscience. Mel has proven himself an anti-Semite and misogynist. Can homophobe be far behind.

    And I cannot stand this crap about separating someones personal views from their work. In a civil and moral society a the measure of a person is determined by the sum total of his actions. Remember many appreciated Mussolini because when he was in power the trains ran on time.

  5. I just dont think I could watch (and enjoy) this movie at this point. It’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do with it. Open it overseas only? Has Mel’s insanity reached those shores yet? If they don’t know what he’s like, maybe they’ll go see it…

  6. At the very least, Summit is going to have to change that title.

  7. I have no respect for Gibson. I don’t want to see any movies old or new. In fact, I had rather not see him ever again.

  8. I agree with you Walt, and Sebastian as well. I’m quite sure insane Mel is a homophobe as well as racist and misogynist, anti-semite. I couldn’t be more disgusted or disappointed in him, and like Walt will NEVER spend a cent on anything having to do with him ever again. Anybody dumb enough to do business with this asshole can kiss their career goodbye as well. Wonder how Danny Glover is feeling long about now, let alone Jodie Foster, after finding out his TRUE feelings about black people and women.

  9. The typical Mel Gibson vehicle was never my cup of tea, so I would be full of it if I said I will never spend money to see Gibson’s work. I will say that I won’t miss him when he finally fades away; to me he is nothing more than irritating and offensive celebritrash.

  10. Jodie herself is not a very nice person. She was once quoted as saying that if she saw an injured bird on the sidewalk she would squash it because she couldn’t stand “weakness”. I don’t think she is any position to judge.

  11. Jodie has no friends anymore, let alone fans. She is a dirty backstabber whose very minimum talent dried up a long time ago. No wonder she and Mel are besties. They’re both dispicable losers.

  12. I’m sure she is lesbian though…….
    ………HE “WEARS” A VAGINA, folks?

  13. Kylie, makes you wonder how much of this is due to her growing up a child actor. I do not believe that a child working in the entertainment industry can ever be a good thing.

  14. You people know shit about Jodie. Judging someone you don’t know.

  15. CK, judging others unfairly is what separates us from the animals.

  16. Here,here there Sebastian, couldn’t have said it better. CK were judging you for judging us. They both have one thing in common they both kick their mates to the curb for a screw and other so-called goodies. Both are losers.

  17. I like Jodie. She has a brain at least and has really used it in her life and career. I admire her for being able to keep her private life mostly private as well. She’s a fantastic actor and I’ve really enjoyed many of her roles over her career. Like Ron Howard, she was a child actor that DIDN’T succumb to drugs and alcohol, but kept her mind about her and stretched in her career as she grew up. I think she’s a beautiful woman and I’m sure that long about now she’s feeling very shattered over who Mel has turned out to be, as their friendship goes back so far. I don’t know if she will stand by him with her friendship during this time, a good friend would, but being a strong woman I would hope she is disgusted enough to have had her fill of Mel and his reality.

  18. If the movie is released, and it turns out to be excellent, it will be Mel’s good luck to have a great, final swan song so that he can be remembered for his talent, and not his mental illness.

  19. Casonia logenberry...Hells kitchen! Chef Ramsay seems more mad at people and stressed out at other people actions....Masterchef Cooks really Rocks compaired to Hells kitchen cooks? Frustrating to some degree. says:

    That movie was so crazy and nuts and strange and out there..But it is all about crazy people who are Delusional and Weird and did for fun and of course creative. I Did not care for the movie but maybe..I would see it again but this time..I would have to get Drunk to enjoy it this time!

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