Both Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are bound to be INFURIATED by a new book coming out that’s documenting the bad blood between them. Author Edward Klein pointed out in “The Amateur” that after Oprah publicly endorsed Obama on her show, she expected VIP treatment in the White House. Obama himself was affable and strategized with Oprah, but Michelle was increasingly standoffish. Michelle had an assistant return Oprah’s calls, and kept a close eye on her husband. Privately she seemed to think Oprah wanted to use her white House ties to promote herself and perk up her ratings. The final blow came when Michelle implied that Oprah was too hefty and inappropriate to join her battle against childhood obesity. Despite Michelle, Oprah remains a huge supporter of Obama.



  1. Oprah is known in some circled as “the 1%”.

  2. If this photo is an indication of their “love lost” then they really don’t like each other.

    It seems to me that Oprah was lusting after Obama anyways. She really believed that Obama would go for her, snicker =) snicker =) She may have pretty bank account, but it’s all down hill from there.

  3. Porch monkey Michelle has done what with herself to remotely compare herself to Oprah?
    Her big bucky teeth and mouth takes over her face to do anything but look ugly. Michelle should kiss Oprah big fat ass for even duping the American public for introducing this charlatan to the world. He can’t do shit but bring up gay marriage and people applaud?!?! He makes laws to take away American citizens house, cars and money, he can kill anyone at anytime and anyplace, Signs treaties to send more jobs anywhere else but America. This donkey monkey and her husband need to go back kenya so she can watch his dick suck by George Soros and his ilks.


    If I can do it, so can you. Being a racist pig is hard, lonely work. We live in the shadows as hypocrites and cowards.

    Being a racist pig and posting racist shit on a gossip board points to a powerless life. I should know!


    The original, the one and only

    …..THAT’S ALL FOLKS…peace and love for all. Brotherhood of man and all that good stuff.

  5. this is because the disgusting idea of a marriage between FAGGOTS?


  6. Oprah is a scary site when not made up. Without the Affirmative Action advantage she had…big jowled Oprah would be waiting tables in a Chicago soul food restaurant.

    Hope & Change

  7. My Aunt says Michelle looks like she has a wad of snuff between her lower lip and teeth. It always has a pooch in that area.

    Oprah is such a suck. She would have no qualms at all to bed Barack. He had no conscience at all in bedding men and women.
    One magazine says that Larry Sinclair, one of his lovers, is now in hiding, fearing his life.

    The Globe Enquirer has breaking news that sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona now has enough evidence that B. Hussein O. is a Muslim and that his birth certificate is a fake. Soon all will the revealed. The White House continuously holds Ramadan dinners and flies in the higher-ups from Muslim countries (all at taxpayer expense). You don’t believe this, look it up.

  8. lol… I was gonna respond to the story, but after reading all these loony toons posts, I decided against it. 😛

  9. Have to express admiration for Michelle’s efforts to prevent the White House going too Hollywood.

    The decision to distance Oprah from her battle against childhood obesity is just common sense. Nothing speaks louder than a good example, and Oprah’s waistline isn’t one.

    @hello, with the exception of gay marriage, George W. Bush outpaced the remainder of your complaints about Obama by light years. You can’t turn a speeding train around without first applying the brakes.

  10. C.B How did he apply the brakes by signing off ndaa? Sending troops to kill kadify and stealing their gold and all their resources. Al-queda has place their flag in lybia, yet the american government lies and say they are fighting them. How can you fight them when its the government uses AL-QUEDA=CIA as a false demagogues to rule over the citizens of America and the world.

    He is a prick bastard. If he is Muslim why send soldiers to kill your own. Is it the white side of him that is making him continue killing Muslims or brown people. Him and his ilks just know how to destroy the economy and constitution not make it better.

    Please, I hope all these president war mongers and those who suck netanyaohh balls end up like those they killed.

  11. Michelle seems like a nice lady but Oprah…fucking Oprah!!!
    I’m glad that mind numbing pap is off the t. v. and my wife can concentrate on cleaning the house and pleasuring me properly.

  12. Maybe Oprah didn’t want to play the same games like clooney. Endorsing Korny 2012 then slipped back into the asshole of the Guy that freaked out. Where is georgiena now? He came up with 12 million to give to Obama so he could endorse homosexuality!?!? Homosexuality wasn’t approved in California by black voters so in turned Hollywood made Obama to openly agree on gay rights to make dumb black voters to vote for him in November.

  13. To Bite the hand that feeds you! Oprah is delighted with Obama and really has massive respect for the man and will always be there in his corner Rooting him on in the future.

  14. Michelle has always been in great shape and has not had to struggle with weight lost in her pass and truly look amazing and is a Positive woman to look at in the future.

  15. Oprah has had to struggle on and off and lets face facts….We have seen her go up and then down but we never know what we are going to see…Because she changes so often but the positive thing that is going on…We see her in good health and she looks great and she has nothing else to work on…She is Rock Steady and looking great….

  16. What does that mean Patrick, that your wife would rather watch Oprah, than clean your house and pleasure you properly? Hmm….

    Just kidding, I’m sure you are much more entertaining than Oprah! Hahaha

  17. Oprah will be so upset by this slight that she will have to call Gayle over to spend a couple of days servicing her to help her get over it.

    Obama plays up plenty to Hollywood,,,just in the last week… with the Gay statement. He plays up plenty to Oprah as well, but Michelle doesn’t.

    Hope & Change

  18. Indie, I don’t doubt any of that for a second. He’ll be sorry he sic’ ed the DOJ and Holder on Sheriff Joe before it’s all over with!

  19. For Chrissakes, all that Obama is a muslim (or a closet gay) garbage is simply that, garbage. A big heaping pile of it. If he weren’t American born that fact would have surely been discovered way before some brainless Tea Party wonk thought it up over his Schlitz.

    As for Michelle, good on her for promoting healthy eating and the problem with childhood obesity. However I think this storyof a rivalry between her and Oprah is bullshit as well.

    Oh and Patrick, the comment makes me think you must be doing a little better.

  20. Christina India…nailed it.
    The released bc was obviously forged and the press will not investigate the Connecticut Social Security number belonging to a man from the 1800’s.

  21. Rumors of WAR III will open your eyes to what is really destroying America from within.

  22. lol, Michelle has an ass big enough to sit a Luby’s tray on it.

  23. I don’t care for either one of these bitches.

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