Call us racist, but we can hardly wait to watch the melodrama between Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes and Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice. Apparently the sniping and backstabbing between these two is a large part of the series. Star has said “I don’t like the vitriol and ghetto histrionics that she (Leakes) has been putting out there! It demeans black women and stereotypes them as unprofesional, loud, and uneducated.” NeNe told Wendy Williams that she “wouldn’t spit on Star Jones if she were on fire” and insists that she is a down-to-earth person. This will be a fun feud.



  1. I’m no fan of the self-centered and egotistical Star jones, but I believe she is dead on on her remarks re Nene. That cowoman regularly bellows in peoples faces as loud (and that’s LOUD) as she possibly can, and shouts over everyone else. It IS as “ghetto” as a person can get. The wagging finger comes out too. She recently had a nose job and fake boobs put in, but her face is still hideous, and between the two I think there might be a bit of jealousy over looks towards Star and her look and classiness. Again, NOT a Star fan, but she’s no ghetto bitch. Nene used to be a stripper too, while Star is extremely educated. I’m waiting for Star to take her down a few pegs with a few well placed intelligent words. Nene, of course will get in her face and threaten her with violence, using her cowlike body as a weapon of intimidation. Should be interesting.
    Also, the brain damaged Gary Busey has some dust-ups with “Meatloaf”, so that’s another match made in TV gossip heaven!

  2. I hate to say this, but I’m sure this is the one time that Marlee Matlin is glad she’s disabled.

  3. I remember watching her on The View. She was so nasty, and self centered it was really disgusting.
    Nene Leakes may not be well educated, as well as an ex stripper, but that does not make her any less of a person. Yeah she can be loud and belligerent, but she does not come off that she is above anybody else as Star Jones does.
    Big deal if you go to university or not. Star was obviously presented with some different kinds of opportunities, so what… A BI-CH is BI-CH, no matter how educated you are. I’m sure Barbara Walters & Joy Behar will enjoy watching this all play out.

  4. Well said Reta. I agree completely and I am not a big fan of Star Jones

  5. send them over to my place.
    (no talking required)

  6. Look out for the fireworks between these two high spirited know it all women. One will be wearing gasoline slippers and the other will be carrying around a “verbal” blow torch(pun intended). With Miss Cotton Gloves Latoya Jackson thrown in the mix,Trump has the recipe for a dose of disaster on this celebrity menu. Star and NeNe both think they own a room when they are in it, and I do Not see either one of these women taking orders from the other in the name of being project manager. I decline to offer an opinion on the men, because the focus is already primarily on these two fire breathing women who are known to be the first to light a “verbal” fuse. If I had to offer an opinion, that opinion would be NeNe Leakes will NOT be doing an in your face confrontation with Star Jones like she has been known to do on Housewives and get away with it. Her in your face threats that she hurled at Kim and others on Housewives is a thing of the past while in the same arena as Star. Earlier the topic was about Omarosa, just wait until The Celebrity Apprentice audience get a taste of NeNe. Omarosa is going to look like a porcelain doll in comparison to that ragin bull NeNe. I am looking forward to seeing how The Donald look upon this fireworks combination of apprentice candidates. Don’t forget to watch with a cold drink!!

  7. Being educated doesn’t give you class. I’m not saying that. But Nene ACTS like a complete gutter snipe on her show. She gets in other women’s faces at every opportunity and snips and snipes at them and about them behind their backs. I’ve never seen a more low class female on TV than she is and that she THINKS she is really something is what gauls me. She has NO IDEA how she comes off to other people apparently.
    I can only assume that “The Donald” was wise enough to put her and Star on the show together because SOMEONE figured out that it would be a death match of epic proportions, and that both “women” (I call them that reluctantly) would tear the other’s throats out in order to be seen as “numero uno head bitch” to the audience. And BOTH of them are so greedy for an audience I can practically hear them drooling from here and licking their chops and fingers, and slopping BBQ sauce all down their facy store bought dresses. Now ain’t THAT special?! What Purdy girls!

  8. I can’t believe Strom hasn’t splintered his keyboard hammering out one or more responses to this post! When I first read it I was overcome with joy that I hadn’t heard anything about these two women being cast on “The Apprentice.” Maybe there’s hope for me after all. I have been too busy reading about how Charlie Sheen thinks he has “tiger blood” to notice the other celebrity freaks. I will say that neither Star or NeNe can hold a candle to “Apprentice” alum Amarosa in the “bitch” department.

  9. The world has had enough of these EEOC ghetto blacks with attitude and why would any company sponsor a show with either of them on there. Nene w/ the fake blonde hair is one stupid looking arrogant black and Star happens to be right on about her ghetto attitude but doesnt have much room to stand either. The best either can look forward to is being the 4th in line for a BLACK athlete…KK being first, KK being second, KK being third, of course.

  10. Not my idea of entertainment, I won’t be watching this train wreck

  11. NeNe has the lazy eye and is unable to properly spit aim for the Lady Star whom is entirely free, independent of racist poop, all class not bound to culture with out knowledge and education.. and therefore a true American
    success story.

  12. Gotta give Star Jones props for keeping the weight off, unlike some of these other gastric bypassers and lap banders.

  13. Sure quite a few of you here watch trash TV. Trash you watch, trash your brain becomes.

  14. So, Meg, what are you doing HER on a GOSSIP site? That shows your true class, right? Superiority?

  15. Ladies,ladies…let’s keep the catfights to reality TV!

  16. I just saw Trump on Letterman and he had a clip of Latoya Jackson ATTEMPTING to explain the name they came up with for their “Team”. She called it one thing and then began to explain what the letters in it meant, became completely lost, then changed the team name to something else, and started to explain THOSE letters, getting completely bogged down in the second letter. Trump cut her off and moved on. It seems Latoya Jackson has bleached away her brain cells along with her melanin. Should be interesting to see what happens. It’s definitely going to be full-on drama!

  17. Reta, I saw the same clip. You failed to mention how rude Star Jones was in correcting Latoya. Personally I think Ms Jackson did it on purpose to show the other’s true colors. Star Jones was up for the challenge, I guess.

    I also saw Nene on the Talk earlier today, it was quite entertaining, as she was exposing the situation between her and Star. Too funny.

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