When it comes to looks, blue-eyed Ronan Farrow, 28, does look more like Frank Sinatra than Woody Allen, but when it comes to BRAINS, we think he’s definitely Woody’s son. It’s too bad Rhodes Scholar Ronan is estranged from his father Woody because Woody might be able to help him make a success of his MSNBC show. As it stands, the show, Ronan Farrow Daily, has not caught on with viewers and ratings are dismal. Only 312,000 people watched Ronan last Wednesday and most of them were over 50! A rerun of The Golden Girls did better. Sometimes being smart and articulate is just not enough.


  1. Screw you, J. Mia has a pretty decent IQ too, and this kid doesn’t need his daddy to make his way.

  2. I watched his show this afternoon at the gym. One of the topics discussed was the dysfunctional public educational system.

    why on earth would this talk show be successful or of interest to a public that watches the Real/Fake Househoes, Teen Baby Making Machines, Honey Boo Blech and/or the Kurdashians?

    the lowest common denominator appeals, not conversations of value or substance.

  3. When people know too much about the circus that is your private life they tend to have immediate opinions. Mostly bad ones. Especially when the main event that is playing in the big top is related to abuse allegations of the sexual variety. Add this to the general opinion that he is really pretty boy. No one is going to take him serious as a journalist or a political commentator.

  4. Too bad he’s not friends with Woody? You MUST be joking? Why would anyone be friends with the person who sexually abused your sisters, traumatized and tore your family apart? He absolutely did the right thing by having the courage to speak out against pedo Allen.

    WA could give NO tips on how to make any show successful. He had the right managers, agents and got lucky at the right time. Since then he has been turning out the same garbage year after year.Gulible people go to see his films because he is hailed as a genius. Old rich white men (that have the psycho-sexual development of 12 year old boys) are the greenlighters and owners of Hollywood that is why he is where he is, he is one of them.

  5. I don’t think that’s it. He alienated audience who may not like acrimonious relationships with their parents. I didn’t even know he had/has a show, he only came to my consciousness after each tweet against Woody Allen made the news.

  6. so this was already a loser in the cradle?
    I’m familiar with such creatures, my brother is one…………

  7. He is the spitting image of the German-Italian actor Terrence Hill rather than Frank Sinatra

  8. Isn’t his show on early in the day? I don’t even know the exact time, but seems like it’s early afternoon, making it impossible to watch if you’re in the 8 to 5 work group. In my opinion, he looks like his mother. Also, as a side note, his voice isn’t conducive to television.

  9. Since you’re so concerned about brains, Janet, your headline is grammatically incorrect. Use “Nor” instead of “Or.”

  10. uhh, Woody’s son?? His mum tried to be ambiguous when saying Ronan’s father c o u l d be “Old Blue Eyes”…

    Try N O T seeing Frank whenever you look into those eyes. . .

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