Mickey Rourke, 57, knows the way to a model’s heart is not through her stomach – lunch is fine, but a real live puppy is better. He seems to be cultivating a relationship with Russian model Elena Kuletskaya, 24, – they’ve been seen together in New York and the UK. He took her shopping at “Parrots & Pups” in the West Village and they carefully considered their choices. Elena got the puppy she wanted and they left together cuddling the new baby. We just wish they had adopted, instead of buying.

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  1. I happen to think a lot of Mickey, particularly for his unabashed dedication to his pets. Seldom do we see celebrities so adoring. But he really blew it here. WTF is up with the purchasing of a dog from a puppymill…er, pet store??! With virtually millions of homeless animals out there there’s no excuse for it. Someone in such a high-profile position should know better and set an example for others. Pet ADOPTION via a reliable rescue center is the only responsible option. Shame on you, Mickey! Adopt a Pet. Save a LIFE.

  2. I agree, but what’s to become of the little life that they DID buy, if no one buys them? I mean, THEY need homes too. But I will only get shelter dogs myself.

  3. remember this for another american who can’t handdle STARDOM!!

  4. Reta, obviously that little guy needs a home too, but my point was if people stop BUYING pets from “pet shops”– the shops will stop supplying them. Mickey knows this, and he’s setting a terrible example.

  5. Don’t you mean his “hooker.” PAAAAlease, if you believe this, 23 years his junior hottie, is dating that bad plastic surgery addict because he’s a nice guy and loves puppies you’re an idiot.
    Let’s just be honest here ok?!

  6. So obvious both are hardened, hard-core porn-lovers. Yes, between them they have wracked up many miles down the, uh, road to bbbaaaaaddd.

  7. How can you tell they’re hard-core porn lovers? What’s the big clue?

    Mickey is a damn fool for chasing after someone half his age.

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Just surmising….and because of his movie “9 1/2 Weeks” and because she looks the part…..Just surmising.

  9. Thank you, Janet. I wish they had adopted as well. I’m also concerned about when they split up, what will happen to the puppy?

  10. I just gotta say this…I finally saw “The Wrestler” this weekend, and I never in a million years thought I would ever say this about a Mickey Rourke movie, but I FRIGGIN LOVED IT!!! There is honestly not another actor who could have pulled that role off, NOT ONE!

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