Madonna’s adopted daughter Mercy is clearly adapting quickly to the good life in New York. Note the Stella McCartney band jacket she’s wearing. She and her sister Lourdes show a real sense of style on a recent family outing to the Kabbalah center. Surprisingly, Madonna was questionably attired in an Ed Hardy hat and Shirt.

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  1. How lovely, two children who will grow up to be as vapid and narcissistic as their dried out mother. I fail to see why children need anything more expensive than Target clothes.

  2. Danny, I agrre with you completely!!!! Clothes are to cover and protect the body from the elements, and clothes that cost thousands don’t do it any better than ones that cost a couple of twenties or so. It’s obscene that there even IS clothes that cost that much, let alone idiots that spend that on them! Self indulgent cash whores! Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!!!!

  3. I wonder if its coincidence that Lourdes is dressing exactly like her mother circa 1984.

  4. Madonna’s youngest daughter is already getting used to the good life.You cannot buy the kind of happiness that is on this child’s face.Being worth over $200,000.00,it is not hard or questionable for a person who can afford it to “dress up”their dolls,and Mercy,Mercy,Me, this child is a living doll.
    On the other hand Lourdes’spaghetti/oodles of noodles/sauerkraut leotards should be only used for cleaning those boots.

  5. little mercy is soooooooooo cute. her other daughter is a fugly goth.

  6. Between the hag madonna and her counterpart, Angie Jolie, their kids don’t have a chance.

    Self-absorbed mothers that cart their kids all over the world collecting other kids.

  7. Every time Madonna makes a move or decision, the temperature jumps up a few degrees. Satan is stoking the fires of hell, just for her.

  8. We’ll have to wait and see how these two turn out. Lourdes is being allowed to come into her own but we’ll see degree of rebelliousness. Mercy is looks happy and well.

    Captain America is obviously jelous that Mercy beat him to the clothes she is now wearing. Hate on Madonna and show some slack to her kids. Hateful.

  9. Damn, I gotta have those torn zebra tights Lourdes is wearing.

    The rest of her outfit including boots is just too too bee-oo-ti-ful for me to even have a chance of getting.

  10. I guess I don’t understand fashion because I have to admit that Lourdes does not look at stylish. Reminds me of what I used to throw together to run to the campus cafeteria after a particularly “fun” night and before my first class started. I would not consciously or purposefully put that ensemble together if I had other options.

  11. I have to disagree with ou Vicki, I think Lourdes is a very pretty young woman. Seem to have way more class than Mother Dearest.

  12. Mercy is totally adorable; Lourdes needs to ditch the Cat in the Hat look.

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