Melanie Griffith puffs on a cigarette while her daughter Stella looks on (disapprovingly?) as they shop in West Hollywood. Melanie is still married to Stella’s father Antonio Banderas despite many predictions that it wouldn’t last. In fact, Melanie and Antonio costarred in a sci-fi thriller called Automatica in Spain that will be released next year.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. There’s just something so classy about a woman walking down the street with cig hanging out of mouth. Nice look, Melanie.

  2. Whoever smokes, knowing it causes cancers, gets no sympathy here. I was in a room of second hand smoke, had severe allergic reaction and am stuck wit a doctor bill, meds, coughing, scratchy throat, misery. F**k all smokers that have no will power, they care about nothing but themselves, so I care nothing about them.

  3. A friend of the family is dying from Stage 4 lung cancer. Keep puffing Mel, you could be next.

  4. It is their own choice…no sympathy but I think a restaurant owner should have the right to also have a “smoking” section or the whole place if he/she wants.

    Melanie, must have same PR flak as Eva and J Lo as they get mentioned on JC much for doing nothing. $$$$ for nothing JC?

  5. Ruins her otherwise beautiful looks. And in front of her child is even worse. Stop smoking!!

  6. You should see her up close. Her skin looks like crepe paper, and loose and saggy. She is my oldest sisters age and my sis looks a decade younger, at least. These idiot actresses smoke to stay skinny, thinking “skinny” is the first indicator of aging well. How wrong they are! Smoking destroys your skin and hair, besides of course, all of your insides.

  7. I too am surprised that seemingly intelligent people continue to smoke.

  8. Anthony likes making sure the kids are okay, he loves family.. and he can do his thing with work.. Melanie is trying hard to overcome her vices.. let her smoke it’s not as bad as drugs, booze..

  9. A doctor once said that no woman would ever smoke if she knew how much it ages her and no man would smoke if he knew how much impotence it causes!

  10. I know she has tried to stop many, many times — but she’s got that addictive gene and it is very, very difficult to beat… in fact, I once heard that giving up smoking is more difficult than getting off smack. Having said that, I’m with Kitty on this one! 🙂

  11. I think the ‘look’ is for the Paparazzi always bothering her not the cigarette!!

  12. I was a smoker and it is tough to quit. Those who have never walked in those shoes need to be quiet. I am sure that Melanie more than likely started smoking in the 70’s when smoking was allowed anywhere and everywhere. It wasn’t until the mid-80 that people started getting so anti-smoking. I say if smoking is the worst thing she is doing right now it is better to stink of smoke then to die from Alcohol or drugs. And believe me I would much rather be around a drinker than an alcoholic or a druggie any day of the week.

  13. Ooops! I meant to say I’d rather be around a smoker, not a drinker! Sorry.

  14. I was a smoker, so I guess that gives me a right to talk, huh? I smoked for 10 years and I quit cold turkey. If you want to bad enough, you can. I’m amazed anybody smokes or starts smoking in this day and age.

  15. Melanie is so insecure with herself, her marriage. This has been going on for years; I am really surprised that her marriage has lasted this long.

  16. Wow, Stella sure lost out in the looks department, and she’s already too heavy for a girl that young. Mom’s got a much better figure! Must be those cigarettes. LOL!!

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