Meg Ryan sticks to her guns when it comes to fashion. Never flashy or too sexy. She’s into function without frills. She’s wearing a driver’s hat and a black military style jacket with big pockets and a black crossbody bag. And of course, her sturdy comfortable shoes. It’s a sensible outfit for New York City and she looks put together without drawing attention to herself.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Ok….Not being bitchy, just right. She ruined her marriage to her first. Maybe not as he has an addiction problem. She ruined her second husbands( boyfriend) marriage with Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, mind you,it may have to do with drugs, hopefully not.It’s a shame as she is such an great actress.

  2. Until she fixes her “own” mommy issues, she’s will continue to be a mental mess.

  3. Dennis Quaid ruined the Ryan Quaid marriage by cheatin on her for years. Melloncamp and his wife were over before he hooked up with Ryan. She does not have and never has had issues with drugs or alcohol. You must be mixing her up with Quaid, who did have severe problems with alcohol and/or drugs.

  4. And she is not a mental mess. Her mother is a hag for leaving her kids when they were still young. Her mother is not in contact with any of her kids, they want nothing to do with her.

  5. Is Meg still even in the business? Stories about her are not interesting

  6. Yet u still read & commented palermo LMAO!!!
    &yes she is in the business. She is doing a sitcom next yr for NBC

    Mental mess? Meg haters are nuts themselves.

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