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For some reason, Meg Ryan is one of those people that we never get tired of looking at. Maybe we’re fascinated because she always seems to be wearing exactly the same shoes- she must have several pairs of those rough looking boots – or clogs, or whatever they are. (Colin Farrell has been wearing his own pair of beat-up lucky boots for years.) Here Meg has a couple of bags strapped across her body and looks darn cute in New York.


  1. She used to be so cute, now she just looks like an aging lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  2. She looks fine. Just because she has short hair does not mean she’s a lesbian. She’s very much dating a GUY.

  3. I think her face looks like one of those thin see-thru plastic halloween masks that the robbers wear on TV dramas. She’s a shell of her former self. It’s no wonder you don’t see her in any roles any more. Too bad she went and did that to her face. So unnessessary!

  4. She used to be called ‘America’s sweetheart’ which I never could understand. She was always scrawny, dirty looking, hunched over, and reportedly a diva on the movie set.

  5. please stay calm: SHE HAS MUCH SMALLER FEET THOUGH!!

  6. Every time I see Meg, I think ‘wow, how sad’. She’s still a talented actress who had bad surgery and can’t seem to get an ‘undo’ on it. Or she thinks she looks good, I dunno. But she’s not getting much if any work (I know, women over 40 don’t work much in Hollywood) and that’s a shame. She should be up there with Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore, but she’s not even on the same call sheet. Sigh.

  7. She needs to wear a bra! Those boobs are sagging low and gross.

  8. I think a lot of Russell Crowe’s grunge rubbed off on her.

  9. yes, Nicola, all these pop-up ads drive me crazy! They are so in the way of this site. You close one and another pops open!

    Meg used to be so cute but not anymore.

  10. Silly, I did not say she was a lesbian. I said she has that “look”. I live in San Francisco, so don’t think I don’t know.

  11. You’re right, dee cee, girlfriend needs a bra. The days of perky little boobs are long over.

    Jasper’s Goat, I never understood how she could have been ‘America’s sweetheart.’ I personally found her to be annoying.

  12. Wish we could see the shoes you posted about, but your ads are blocking them.


  13. I can remember a time when she was one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollyweird. Now she looks like Joan Rivers younger sister.

  14. Please re-post the picture of the shoes since we can’t see them, due to your ad! Those little ads at the bottom of every picture are pretty weird!

  15. My Bad, I just figured out you can hit the x, and close the ad! Duh!

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