Mary-Kate Olsen , who recently split with her boyfriend Nate Lowman, and her sister Ashley (not pictured) are in London to see fashion shows (including Burberry) and they’re getting some business of their own done. The Olsens visited a North London warehouse for some reason and Mary-Kate looked smart and professional in her asymmetrical layered zipper coat and huge buckle bag. She’s a walking advertisement for her own fashion lines.

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  1. The Olsen Twins know the business of show business and the business of keeping up appearance for business sake.Rumor may persist about their health,and who they date,but these two young ladies know how to avoid the pitfalls of young stardom.They long ago realized that they were a multi-million dollar empire.They say nothing,keep out of the limelight,and use a full deck when it comes to taking care of business!!

  2. She needs to:

    1) Comb her nearly always messy hair.

    2) Get regular check-ups for STD’s. Many men = much danger.

  3. The Olsen twins were the cutest little things on earth in “Full House”….until they grew up. Now they are becoming hard-core party-goers and hop from man to man at the blink of an eye. At this rate, they will be burned out in 3 or 4 years, regardless of their big buck$.

  4. I don’t know who in their right minds would want to dress like them. I’ve never seen ONE picture of either of them looking good. They always look a holy mess and look like something the cat dragged in from a filthy alley. I can’t imagine any of their so-called clothes sell very well if their own looks are examples of what they have to offer.

  5. They need to take a bath with old time lye soap. They need to fumigate their skaggy clothes, or better yet donate them to a homeless shelter, if they would even take them.

    (What is that crooked skirt-looking thing with a zipper)? Pitiful lost kids.

  6. The twins dress in layers of clothes, regardless of the season. This is the way the homeless dress. I really think they have gone crazy…..too much money and fame at such a very young age is really not a good thing. Also, I have heard they can really hold their liquor… eyewitness on a plane to L.A. in first class saw Mary-Kate knocking back champagne cocktails with no food and walked off the place not staggering.

  7. A piece of rag held together with safety pins or chains over leather jeans. That’s plain ol crappy, no talent, ugliness.

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