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Here’s Mary-Kate Olsen as you don’t often see her – wearing a bright color! The fashionable twin and her sister Ashley are kept busy working on their highly successful clothing lines – the most expensive of which is “The Row.” The twins were delighted last week when Michelle Obama wore of pleated skirt of theirs on “The View.” Almost all of the Olsen’s designs are made in the USA.

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  1. ………her uncle died yesterday.

  2. Very, very cool that the clothes are manufactured in the United States.

  3. Anyone else think her outfit looks like a cross between women’s pajamas and an ill fitting men’s suit? Together with the hairstyle, she looks like an androgynous watermelon.

  4. The only thing worse than the fit of those pants is the Trump for President ad that keeps flashing at the top of Janet’s site.

  5. Not a fan of what she is wearing above, hardly a look I would expect from a fashion designer, but what do I know, I’m one of those people who always wear predominately black.

  6. Somewhere in Miami, Crockett and or Tubbs is missing a suit.

  7. That’s quite a shout out for the Twins. I am happy for them, their hard work is finally paying off and people are now going to see them as having some serious fashion clout.

  8. What is up with the crotch of those pants, it makes her look like she has a penis

  9. Seriously?
    “Somewhere in Miami, Crockett and or Tubbs is missing a suit.”

    Too Funny!!!!

  10. I too, thought for a tiny white girl she seems to be seriously “packin”! THAT has GOT to be one of THE most hideous “suits” ever photographed. There is only ONE thing positive I can say about it, that it is made in the US. Good for them, now if only they would learn to get some style. What do any of us expect from two people who got famous because they were cutely strange looking babies who got shoved into show-biz before they could walk or talk and managed to cling to it at every level with Ewok smiles and pleading eyes and constantly grabbing little money hands pushed all along the lines by every Hollywood handler who could help and latch on for the ride.

    So, now, they are “designers”, huh? Interesting, given that they can’t act, dress like freaks and seem to be anorexic and antisocial. There is something dreadfully wrong with these two. There is nothing “normal” in their trajectory into adulthood, indeed, that one of them was connected to the death by drugs of Heath Ledger, yet no one rang a bell on THEM or THEIR lifestyle and obvious illnesses. We’ll be burying THEM before long too. They LOOK ill. Money ill like so many before them who didn’t make it, but who cares huh? They’ll be just two more statistics, and we’ll all move on to more interesting things. After all, two little white chicks who never see the light of day and hide in giant (ugly)clothes, and pretty much behave like 89 year old doddering spinster grannies won’t be missed much anyway, right? Remind me of the Borden sisters.

  11. I heard a sworn accout by a man on a first class plane ride from L.A. to Australia. He was sitting behind the twins and he said they drank Cristal champagne the whole flight, ate one bag of chips and appeared perfectly sober when the plane touched down. Plus he said they were dressed like slobs and were rude to the flight attendants.

  12. Someday hopefully MK will be implicated in the murder of Heath Ledger.

  13. Obama has a fatter ass than mine. The last thing that heffer needs is pleats in a skirt.

  14. How fitting that the worst-dressed first lady in modern history would wear something designed by these two fashion disasters.

  15. Yep the First lady has a large and high riding caboose but it’s good she at least wears normal clothes instead of dressing up like she came from a Kenya cookout!

    These people are waif’s and like other celebs really dont have much to do with the clothing except their names.

    Remember kathy Gifford who was caught when her clothes were made in sweatshops in central America and all she could do was cry and plead ignorance.

  16. Casonia..Hells Kitchen would all be about holding your tongue and..Listening and gather understanding in the direction he wants to take you..Learning his food and being gone for 8 weeks! says:


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