Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, 45, and his wife Carin are often seen at the Farmer’s market with their twins in their dual strollers. Why the former Extra host STILL has his cute 31/2 year old twins Lydon and Hartley on wheels instead of walking, is a mystery to us. We have this thing against lazy parents who find it easier to push their overage kids around (and inconvenience other shoppers) rather than encourage their children to walk. Nothing personal, just a pet peeve…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I saw a video years ago of Mcgrath bullying a nerdly guy so I still think of him as being a jerk to this day.

  2. and that right there proves you’ve never had small children. They are difficult to corral and in a place with lots of people moving around it’s a safety issue.

  3. MINE TOO! Umbrella strollers are fine, these monstrosities not so much.

  4. Obvs never had kids. A 3 and half yo still gets tired out quickly. They may still need a quick nap. It’s a safety issue when in a busy area. Some farmers mkts don’t have seating areas to eat. And it carries all the bags u will have when shopping too. It’s not laziness on a parents part. It’s called practicality.

  5. They are big for 3 1/2 years old. Someone must have taken out your ovaries to make dumb comments about babies. They are 3 not 10. Babies get tired and when they do it is much harder to carry, be comfortable and shop at the same time.

  6. It’s for the parent’s convenience. Those big slugs should be walking and if they get tired, then go home. It is a huge pet peeve of a lot of us. And yes, I did have kids and they walked with me.

  7. I agree with Mishmash. So what if they are “big” for their age,3 1/2 year olds are not babies and just look at how silly they look sitting in a baby stroller. Maybe in a year and a half when school starts they will be driving their own “Rascals” so they don’t get too tired having to walk. Life is tough.
    Yes I had “walkers” at that age and if they got too tired we went home for a nap!They learned.

  8. Mark McGreasy and sleazy…. Let those children walk, cretins, only in North America parents act like imbeciles they are in fact and put their kids in strollers until they reach the teen years…. No wonder its the dumbest nation….

  9. I have read 2 or 3 times that Mark is not the most friendly dude around. It said he gives off an air of superiority that he was so much better than anyone else. I don’t know much about him, but I guarantee I heard and/or read this about him. As to the kids, whatever, maybe they were ill. Eating a large slushy can make you ill. lol

  10. totally agree with, Babe.

    I walk everywhere and kids can’t keep up.
    It’s not fair to the kids to drag them along on your errands.

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