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Mariah Carey tweeted this hospital photo to garner some sympathy from fans after she dislocated her shoulder while filming a video. What she DOESN’T want you to know is exactly what happened. She wasn’t doing some sort of stunt or complicated dance step – she simply fell off her ridiculously high heels! When she’s in public wearing her platform stilettos Mariah always has a man on either side of her to keep her from falling. In the video she actually had to stand alone without help – she lost her balance and succumbed to the height of her heels and took a nasty fall. Embarrassing and painful.



  1. Mariah is no spring chicken any more, they can’t face the fact they have to adjust their footwear. Lady Gaga is another stupid one, she’s back in those crazy shoes already after hip surgery

  2. Whenever I read about Louboutins, I recall when Kelly Ripa casually announced she had gotten her 6 inch Louboutins on sale for a mere $750, marked down from $900. She was so excited to get them cheap.

    Celebs are so struck on temselves and live in their own dream world. I hope some day they come crashing to the ground and see how others live, most struggling to pay bills. And Mariah, of course, is one of the biggest divas of all.

  3. Whenever I see somebody on shoes with higher than 3 inch heels I think hooker. It’s not sexy either when you have to have people prop you up. I then think drunk.

    Don’t care the shoe could pay my rent and the electric bill in the summer.

  4. Why would she tweet this very unflattering topless photo of her?

  5. Sick and tired of her. Maybe someone should remind her shes not 20 anymore?

  6. Why is she posting a picture of her nipple? Desperate much?

  7. DMHenry; I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not envious of Mariah or any of the other divas out there. Most of them are having big problems, regardless of their fortune and fame.

    I saw a pair of high heels at Macy’s for $39.95 and if truth be told, they were as pretty and cute as any pair of Louboutins.

  8. The ridiculously high heels celebrity women wear are akin to the torture chambers Japanese women used to bind their feet. Both effectively cripple women.

  9. it was the Chinese who bound their feet, and me thinks, she doth protest too much !!

  10. I’m not a fan of Loubis but I love Zanottis!

    I wouldn’t be embarrassed because you took a spill, accidents happen, get over it and carry on.

  11. I thought that was her nipple, too, at first, but it’s actually a lock of her hair!

  12. Paul- hahaha! Let me add that when I see women tottering in ultra high heel, I think dumb.

  13. Reta who? For Pete’s sake Dick what are you talking about?

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