Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have a lot in common right now. Both singers are 44 and both released unsuccessful albums this summer. Both split up with their men and both have been seen spending more time than ever with their twins. But while Mariah seems confused and tormented, Jennifer is taking action. She’s concentrating on the area where she’s found success – TV. Jennifer earned a lot of money on American Idol and she has a new series filming next year, Shades of Blue. Oscar winner Barry Levinson is directing the pilot in which Jen plays a single mother/ FBI undercover agent. (Above, she took her twins Max and Emme out to dinner at La Conversation.)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. I’m sure Mariah really cares about whatever trashy old jlo is doing, Mariah has twice the amount of money jlo does and she hasn’t had to whore herself like jlo has had to do.

    Mariah is talent personified unlike jlo. Mariah can hit notes jlo wouldn’t even know what to do with. Even on Mariah’s worst day jlo can’t come close to Mariah’s talent. Take a seat janet with your uncalled for Mariah bashing.

  2. jlo could teach her to book birthday gigs for brutal dictators

  3. J Lo has her family, her mother and her sister in her life. Mariah never appeared close to her family and that difference is apparent.

  4. It just shows you how hard work and smart business decisions are great equalizers. Clearly, compared to Mariah, JLo’s talents are not so much singing. (She is getting better though. I think those years of touring with Marc Anthony helped. Although comparatively thin, her voice is quite good when she does the Latin stuff.) Unlike Mariah, Christina & A. Grande, she can dance (no a substitute for singing, I know) and unlike those three above, she has a great sense of humour.

  5. A straight from J lo Press release.

    A joke that any of J Lo’s tv or movies made money (except for J Lo) and that anyone cares about Max and Emme (not in the picture).

    A foolish thread!


  7. And apparently Mariah can’t sing anymore! Maybe those plastic t*ts and all that weight she put on choked off her voice!

  8. JLO has the best fat ass of them all! That is the secret to her success.

  9. Nope, not even close, but she has the best manager that can sell her almost talentless self like she was something special. And has JCH believing the press releases and calling them NEWS!

  10. Jlo wouldn’t even have a music career if Mariah’s ex husband and jlo hadn’t stolen the music ideas for her following album in the early 2000s. If you listen to both albums, you know jlo stole that ish, it’s the same style and even used some of the same artists Mariah used. Jlo has had a lot of good discreet plastic surgery, weaves and veneers affixed to her shabby self, but one thing it will never erase is how ugly and desperate she is on the inside.

    Why don’t you tell us poster above, why jlos oldest sister won’t have anything to do with jlo, she’s never even mentioned and tell us about how when jlo was first becoming a household name she went back to her Bronx neighborhood and paid people to sign non disclosure agreements that they would never speak about her hoodrat past. And she also had a very contentious agreement with her first husband.

    Mariah has a good relationship with her mother, by the way, and she has friends in the industry that she’s been tight with for decades. Jlos only friend is Leah remini.

  11. She wants to extract as much money from her mostly poor Latino fans as possible.

  12. And she wants to give up more backside than all the 18 kardashians combined.

  13. True, very true!

    Poor and dumb Hispanic women are the targets for her promotion of overpriced junk!

  14. So Jenny from the block has a ghetto past? Surprise, surprise! I wonder if her exhubby was packin’ because he is so skinny and ugly! What did Ava Gardner say about Frank Sinatra? he weighed 90 pounds and it was all C**K! or as one of my fave queens used to say you know how big a man’s dick is by how badly he treats his girlfriend :O

  15. Mariah needs to go to rehab and get off all the booze and pills.

  16. JBlow is 45! She’s born July 24, 1969! Please do your research. Her real birth date was revealed by the NYCPD when Puffy got arrested. Mimi’s age is in question, because she is either 44 or 45.

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