This is the perfect book to read on vacation at the beach if you love Hollywood: Mamie Van Doren’s “Playing the Field.” She was kind enough to send us a copy and we couldn’t put it down! Gorgeous Mamie was one of the triumvirate of platinum blonde glamour girls that ruled the silver screen in the 50’s and 60’s in Hollywood. Mamie was friendly with her “competition” Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, but she was the only bombshell to survive in the long run. We loved her “bad girl” movies like “Untamed Youth” And “Running Wild.” Mamie’s adventures in Hollywood and encounters with guys like Tony Curtis, Elvis Presley, Rock Hudson, Nicky Hilton, Steve Cochran, and assorted athletes, are detailed and fascinating. She recalls exciting evenings nightclubbing at Ciro’s and twisting at the Whiskey a Go Go. This woman lived through it all and doesn’t hesitate to share. Thanks, Mamie.


  1. She’s a great ol broad. Love her fun spirit and her determination to live a full and rich life. A total pistol. Can hardly wait to read this. You go gurlfriend.

  2. Can you imagine that by today’s so-called “standards” this gorgeous curvy woman would probably be considered fat?

  3. She was never in the “triumvirate of platinum blonde glamour girls that ruled the silver screen”.
    She was a second rate blonde, down there with a dozen or so other pretenders to the two real stars, Monroe & Mansfield.
    She was however, one of the early cougars, engaged to not very good pitcher Bo Belinsky, who flamed out after his only claim to fame, a no-hitter.

  4. she’s a relative of late John Denver?


  5. Her name is known.. Joan Collins was supposedly the poor man’s Elizabeth Taylor yet everyone knows her name and she is respected as an individual. Mamie Van Doren was mentioned in Pulp Fiction~she can’t be left out, when U bring up Monroe OR Mansfield ~ Mamie Van Doren comes to mind as well. If she was second rate no one would know her name in this day and age.

    second rate??? to me that is some faceless ass criticizing everyone they can with the sole purpose of spreading negativity~ to somehow feel better about themselves.

  6. Anna Nicole Smith should have been the Mamie of our age.

  7. Do you see anyone selling photos of Mamie for thousands of $$$$$? No!
    Do you see magazines running articles about Mamie? No!
    Does anyone other than Janet care about Mamie? No!

    Still second rate!

  8. Kait is right and Mamie was really not much in the way of brains or looks but was willing to service the male producers and stars to keep herself relevant.

    She continues with these books which give a glimpse from the B list!

  9. Mamie was second rate, but she has always been VERY candid in interviews and for that reason alone this book is a MUST read.

    And BTW Ana Nicole Smith WAS the Mamie of our generation.

    I wonder why there is so much hate for Mamie on this board. The broad knew she was second rate, her looks were meant to mimic Marilyn Monroe’s, and I give her kudos for still being mentioned today so many years after she burst out in to the scene when so many are forgotten in less than their 15 minutes.

  10. I doubt anyone hates her but no point in putting her up as a Garbo either! Who would sanctify Anna Nicole Smith in 30 years either?

  11. Mamie has been around for a long time and was a B bombshell and never claimed to be above that. She has lived quite the life and I’m looking forward to reading her book. Seems she was smart enough in investments to have a comfy life. Didn’t she also do the Bob Hope shows in Vietnam?

  12. Mamie Van Doren deserves ALL the KUDOS she can get. There is absolutely no reason to dislike her. She is a truly unique individual. The mere fact that she has kept herself looking good and being authentic is enough to make her a contemporary LEGEND. Tens of Thousands of people adore Mamie and let her know it all the time. She is very easy to reach through her facebook page. Mamie was performing all over the front lines in Vietnam…no where near Bob Hope…

  13. I read the first addition of Playing the Field when I was in college and became an instant fan of Mamie Van Doren, and am a devoted fan to this day! I can’t wait to see all of the new stories she has to share with us all! Love ya, Mamie. You are one of a kind!

  14. Here’s an idea. Read first and cast stones later. I read the book and found it a fascinating look at Hollywood in a bygone era, in addition to being a compelling story about Mamie’s adventures there. She’s very candid about her career and honest, she never claimed to be Harlowe. The woman’s had a long full life and deserves respect, as any other human being does. The need for some to be so negative with comments here are misplaced as they have nothing to do with her book. Why not limit comments to that subject, the mean-spirited posters have plenty of other places to ignorantly spew their self-centered garbage.

  15. Mamie Van Doren is one fascinating and beautiful woman, not only ageless but sharp as a tack and loves her people.

  16. Mamie Van Doren is still a bombshell. Beautiful, stylish and smart. She has remained a true Hollywood sex symbol. She has a huge Facebook following, and is witty, sharp, and quite intelligent. She knows her politics. She is warm and endearing ,especially for her love of animals. Yes she was there entertaining our troops. She has always treated me as a good friend remembering everything. I have learned much for her. If only women half her age had so much spunk! I adore her and I am going to read her book again!!

  17. Mamie Van Doren has a huge following on social media and I have found her to be extremely intelligent, personable, compassionate and rather inspirational. She is well loved and for good reason.
    I have not read this book yet, so I cannot review it, but I DO intend to read it because Mamie has had a fascinating life and she is not afraid to tell it like it is… or was.
    She may not have had the quality or quantity of work that Marilyn had, but in my opinion it is the quality of the person and the life lead that is more important.

  18. Mamie Van Doren is a spirited & wonderful personality! I am just one of the many thousands of people that adore her.
    I love reading her stories as she has proved that she is not only beautiful & talented, but also extremely intelligent as well.
    Mamie you are an inspiration to us all. You have managed to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground yet you are very open & honest about your life.
    Thank you so very much for sharing yourself, your stories & your life with us all.
    And to those knockers, there will only EVER be 1 (ONE) Mamie Van Doren!!!!! Love you Mamie!


  20. John makes a good point. It is not Mamie, after all, who is foisting herself upon us, and making claims as to her beauty or intelligence. It is simply JC who has taken a break, hopefully, from the Kardashian and J Lo Press releases she calls Hollywood Gossip.

  21. Mamie just puts it out there in a book….like she did with her body…for all to sample and decide for yourself. Nothing wrong with that….she is much more honest than Barry Obama!

  22. Strom you are an idiot! Obama has nothing to do with this thread. I know you’re not a stupid person but this is really ignorant.

  23. The fact is that Barry Obama is not and has not been honest with the American people….even the rainbow flag wavers must be a little concerned that fearless leader might be spying on them.

  24. Strom, why don’t you tell me then, what politician ever has been at all honest with their American constituents? This is all BS all politics is bad politics.

  25. This woman seems lovely and quite honest. Enough with the mean spirited comments.

  26. Sorry its not all that great…just a funnel for Kardashian news!

    Mamie just puts it out there in a book….like she did with her body…for all to sample and decide for yourself. Nothing wrong with that….she is much more honest than Barry Obama!

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