Apparently Sharon Stone wants to advertise the fact that she is now available (she and her younger boyfriend split recently) so she walked around Paris with her 8 year old son Laird wearing a surprisingly sheer t shirt – and no bra. It’s funny how women with implants can’t wait to display their goods at every opportunity. Click HERE for a close up.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Hillary Clinton must be going ga ga right now….she would dump Huma in a heart beat to get to those.

  2. Leave it to the Sun! Gotta love those Brit tabs.

  3. At first, when I hadn’t read Janet’s description, I thought it was just a picture of Sharon and her new boyfriend.

    Glad you cleared it up, Janet. Miss Stone is still firecracker hot, especially for her age. Wooof!!!!

  4. One word – TACKY – especially with her young son – tacky, tacky, tacky- get it together Ms. Stone, your desperate is showing…

  5. She still likes to give everyone a peek.

    BTW is it just me or do most of Janet’s posters have really odd names?

  6. Cashmira what do you mean? Dick is a perfectly fine name for a man and I come from a long line of proud Dicks!

  7. Why Janet you’re not suggesting the old lady has fake boobs are u? Thanks for ruining any wet dreams about basic instinct!

  8. Hillary Clinton must be going ga ga right now….she would dump Huma in a heart beat to get to Sharon.

    Amazing that no one has asked her about at least two occasions when she was caught with women (Huma and a black woman) at the White House while serving as an employee of the American people.

    If John Kerry was caught giving his male assistant head, would it not have been reported?

  9. Big deal!! During the late 60’s through the 80’s most everyone walked around like that, and believe me, it’s a whole lot more comfortable! What’s the big secret,anyway? Breasts are breasts, and hers are just a variation on the same theme. And they look great.

  10. EEWWWW, her poor son. My son wouldn’t go out with me in public if I did that.

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