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Finally, Madonna allowed David to walk to Kabbalah instead of being carried. M looks particularly militant in her combat boots. Her obedient paramour Jesus Luz arrived separately at the Kabbalah center with his friend. They’re not dressed in white like the other male participants, so they must be NEW to the organization.



  1. I wonder why she always drags this poor kid to “church” and not her other kids, could it be for the attention she always gets, or is it because he’s not yet cleansed like the other two.

  2. The fools that join this extreme off-the-wall demonic cult will so regret it on J-Day. I hope Lourdes and Rocco did not get hooked.

  3. Why is it all of those “STRANGE” habits like kabbalah & the scientology movement only survives in america?

  4. loved, loveD, LOVED! Madonna before. The 80s. The 90s with her evolving. Music that was introspective and mature, especially when Lourdes was brong.
    Then her getting married, moving to England, having children and writing books. I thought she was going through a nice evolution in life. With her ready to move to something different appropriate to her age, but still looking young but in a dignified way.
    With new music inspired by her “religion”, even though I did not understand it, she seemed to be a new person and changed by her spiritual route. It seemed like her selfishness of the 90s, and with her having children, that she was a new Madonna.
    But then marriage problems evolved due to her starting her concerts, and wanting, AGAN, the focus on just her. Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!
    All of a sudden the old (SELFISH and sometimes IRRITATING) Madonna came back again. This time in an old body, stretched by BOTOX. Somehow turning 50 for Madonna has now made her look like a clown especially when people “in the know” already recognize that Jesus is gay, and she’s using him for publicity. For what? She is not selling anything. Seems to me it’s more of a CHILDISH way to keep stabbing back at her ex husband Guy.
    Does Kaballah teach this wonderful (sarcasm on) traits & personalities?
    Ah who am I to ask that. Kaballah could care less … just send in the money$$$. Oh, and they have some nice expensive “Kaballah” water to sell you as an added bonus!
    Gosh, does Madonna realize she is acting like a clown?
    Now a woman with class, and yes plastic surgery, who does acts and looks with style: Michelle Pfeiffer!
    Now that would have been a great route for Madonna to emulate.

  5. 8:32 PM (Gerard) is correct. France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Russia have banned Scientology. It was in USA Today. Almost certainly there is little or no Kabbalah centers there either. Americans are dumb and stupid and too lazy to Google Sci and Kabbalah to see who that these freaks are nothing but deceitful money grubbers.

  6. This beyond a religious ponzi scheme, it a out and out ripoff just like Bernie Madoff. You see it easy to ripoff the entertainment community because they don’t like alot of things about America and they believe in these fake churches. Just look at the list of people ripped off by Madoff alot are celebs.

  7. I hope Madonna is getting ripped off. I couldn’t stand that skank from day one and I still can’t stand the sight of her. Please, no more posts on this piece of trash.

  8. People wonder why Madonna wants to adopt from Africa…it’s called Photo ops. Why, what is she going to carry around when David spends time with guy? She needs something new to draw attention to herself, to keep the press’s interest. You should all ignore her, she is transparent and not worth the film.

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