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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony made a big deal out of going out on Valentines Day. Jen pulled out her best diamonds and ghetto hoops and feathered shoes and topped it off with a red heart shaped bag. If Jennifer’s dress was eight inches longer, they’d look like a New York society couple.



  1. Janet, your use of the word ‘ghetto’ here comes oFF as a racial slur. I really feel sorry for you all alone in your cabana.

  2. Janet, the above post was NOT by me, again, some asshole is posting using my name, afraid to use their own due to their pansy ass cowardice…I am assuming this to be the moron Gerard Vandenburg, who is usually waaaay off target anyway.
    I don’t have a problem putting my real name to my posts, if any of you other losers can’t do it at least don’t use someone else’s. Asswipe.

  3. Are females growing taller these days or are males just getting shorter? Maybe tiny Tom and Scientology put a hex on a lot of men, ’cause he didn’t want to be the only shorty. Examples of shorties and spouse taller: Rod Stewart, T. Cruise, M. Anthony, Keith Urban. These girls are constantly looking down on them.

  4. Man that Marc guy is ugly. Couldn’t she get anyone any better looking? I’d be ashamed to be seen with the scarecrow. Goes to show you, when these broads are out, they can’t get decent looking guys.

  5. He is hideous looking and has a terrible temper. So different from Ben Affleck. But then again, who would want Ben, a womanizer and a compulsive gambler. Seems Jennifer Garner was desperate too. They should just buy the sperm if they wanna be a mama and forego all the headaches with Marc and Ben.

  6. I remember when she was dating Ben, he came on Regis and of course he was asked about her and he said she was home sick with a cold and that he had told her to stay far away from him, it was the way he said it that made me think he didn’t care about anyone other than himself, I don’t know how the other Jennifer could have fallen in love with him he hasn’t changed and he’s so obnoxious.

  7. Who the hell wants a pretty boy so self absorbed .Look what a crappy husband/dad Ben and Diddy turened out to be.
    Marc worships her and puts her needs above his. I’ll take the a less attractive man any day.

  8. Wow Jen is getting better with age, even when all covered up.
    Love the legs, shoes and most of all envy her happiness.

  9. The ghetto comment was unnecessary.
    The media obviously hates her , I am baffled as to why . Jealousy maybe, not white enough…..any ideas.
    She earned her mega stardom, it’s not like she married or was born into hollywood like Jolie,Paltrow,Barrymore,Zeta Jones,A. Bening, Wright Penn, K. Winslet…

  10. Marc is such a gentleman. Opens doors, checks her to make sure everything is place before the cameras.
    Not many men left like him.

  11. eff you Gerard, and your ffffolks too…not all “Reta’s” spell their name with an “E” like I do, you effin moron, and I know it’s you who has been posting using my name, you coward! Use your own friggin name if you feel the need to say something you loser!!

  12. eff you Gerard, and your ffffolks too…not all “Reta’s” spell their name with an “E” like I do, you effin moron, and I know it’s you who has been posting using my name, you coward! Use your own friggin name if you feel the need to say something you loser!!

  13. Both Marc and Ben are NOT top-notch husband material (imho). Marc IS controlling and has a temper. They are having trouble; it has been in the media for months. And regarding Jennifer Garner’s ‘great catch’ of Ben, she always looks unhappy these days; for sure she never really trusts him. She has already built a ‘LasVegas’ room in their mansion, hoping he won’t go to Vegas to gamble and flirt with all the strippers and hookers there.

  14. Nobody has the perfet man, but of all the others Marc is best. He Loves her, and is very attentive to all her needs, the others are all self absorbed and should take notes.

  15. Media double standard.
    Why do they bash this couple in every post while praising other less deserving and dysfunctional couples ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. One: Jennifer is very elegant, especially the coat, but her legs are a little too curvy for a mini.
    second: Ben Affleck’s gambling,drinking was his tactical strategy of letting Jennifer call it off. If he had called off the engagement, she would have been humiliated.
    He looks like a great husband.

  17. Their twins are extremely UGLY FUGLY babies! what horrors..poor kids, maybe time will improve them but for now, yuk, eck vomit!!!

  18. She has less class than a jewish princess…this picture shows it all.

  19. Excuse me Janet but there is nothing “ghetto” about what she is wearing so that’s a pretty unnecessary thing to say dontcha think? Good day

  20. The dress is WAY too short for any woman, but especially a woman of her age and no less a mother. This is how you turn a beautiful classy dress into a cheap slut shirt. Hello! Get a mirror and stop asking your husband if you look alright. They will never tell you how ridiculous you actually look.

  21. BTW, dont get so uppity about the “ghetto” when “Jenny from the block” started the whole bullshit ghetto thing in the first place. Call her on it Janet!!! and disregard the PC nonesense before no one can ever say anything about anything anymore. If you are offended, GET OVER IT!!

  22. 9A Not even in your wildest dreams could you ever look as good as that, or afford one bead in the purse she is carrying…lol such a hater you are and for me to have to even dignify your “uppity” comment is ridiculous since you are obviously retarded and unaware that just because someone comes from somewhere that is different than where you come from doesnt mean that they should be labeled for the rest of their lives especially when they are powerful celebrities in this business whether you can accept that or not, she could buy you and your whole family if she wanted to. It is not PC for someone who has to bust their ass to break down asinine and antiquated stereotypes every day of their life to be told that just because she is wearing round earrings that she is “ghetto” if thats the case every starlet in Hollywood must also be “from the block,”get an effin clue and go live in a city where the population is over 200 and not all people you are related to

  23. She is a hardworking rags to riches story.
    Nobody can touch her.
    She is the richest mogul/producer/actress/singer/dancer in Hollywood and the media all envy her and feel threatened by her mere presence and charisma.

  24. She just got lucky in Hollywood with the ‘casting bed’ cause she doesn’t have real talent..she sings lousy, jumps her fat ass around the stage and is very much hated cause she’s nothin’ but a trash phony!

  25. JLO is a star through and through, she chews up the scenery even in the crappy roles.
    JLO doesn’t have to put on any airs OF “FAUXMANITARIANISM” goong around the world shopping for babies and lactating african babies to get respect in the so called “MEDIA”.

  26. Perfectly flawless for Valentines, love the shoes the dress the bag and great legs.

  27. The Woman at this point has nothing to prove , what else could she do to top herself.
    Just lay back and enjoy your twins and the next baby too if the rumors are true.

  28. Maybe Janet doesn’t like the fact that they earned their money instead of inheriting it like most New Yorkers.
    The society and ghetto slam goes to show the obvious “media bias” against the Anthony’s .
    Lots of women wear that style hoops are they “ghetto” too.

  29. Janet, I dare you to make such an offensive comment against Beyonce, Mary J.Blige or any female artist.

  30. Jenny was willing to give up that ass to Ghetto Puffy Combs in order to have a chance to own some of the block. Class, nope we dont think so. Ghetto hoops,right onthe mark.

  31. That girl busted her ass for every opportunity she has ever had, where was Diddy when she was on In Living Color or when she was sleeping on couches in Los Angeles auditioning her ass off for roles that were never intended for Hispanics, that girl has earned every penny she has through her own hustle and hard work

  32. Maybe if she went around buy kids like trophies, being bisexual, junkie, with a penchant for knives,promiscuity or lactating african babies…..the BiasedMedia would give Jennifer Lopez her props.

  33. Amber seems to have a chip on her shoulder. Hispanics don’t deserve a free pass, Jen’s time on Los Angeles couches is well known and usually it as on all fours trying to “achieve” fame. She tried to go big time by marrying a Jewish Ben and he saw through the charade. She now has a ‘Rican who at least can sing over her song mangling.

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