Now that Madonna has her Truth or Dare fragrance selling at Macy’s, she’s starting to think bigger. Besides another scent for women, she’s considering developing a men’s cologne, according to WWD. Madonna says her daughter Lourdes likes to wear men’s cologne and it was HER idea. Madonna is toying with the idea of a whiskey scented men’s fragrance. But is that something that would attract women? We think women would appreciate a men’s cologne with a clean, soapy smell, not whiskey or cigarettes. Just a suggestion.

Update: Someone should bring it to Madonna’s attention that smelling “like whiskey” might not be a good idea for men stopped by a traffic cop or at a job interview…


  1. I’m a Madonna fan but I’m starting to think she’ll sell her children for a quick buck. Crappy kids clothes, cheap perfume, gyms etc.

  2. Whiskey scented men’s fragrance would attract DRUNKS ONLY!!!

  3. A man coming home smelling like whiskey and cigarettes–the wife will never know if he’s been fooling around, or just splashed on Madonna’s overpriced crappy cologne he got with one of those endless 20% off coupons from Macys.

  4. I’m a female that always wore colognes for women. A few months ago, my male roomie gave me several sample-sized bottles of men’s cologne – and I love wearing them. One is Drakkar, Stetson & Halston. The smell lasts all day and I can smell it on myself.

  5. Gather 10 of the best psychiatrists in the world and let them try to figure out what goes on in Vadge’s crazy f***ed up brain. They will give up; it is impossible.

  6. I love when men smell nice. It was a big deciding factor when I got married, because I loved what he wore and how he smelled. But that is the only nice thing I can say about him.

    LOL. someone else’s problem now.

  7. Please quit talking about this psycho satanic witch. If anybody doubts it, google what her Super Bowl performance really symbolized. She’s absolutely evil.

  8. Oh sure, I’d just love for my husband to smell like a hobo.

    And I see a new drunk driving defense: it wasn’t the odor of alcohol the trooper smelled your honor, it was Eau de Tramp by Madonna.

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