One of our favorite sitcoms, “Laverne & Shirley,” was honored at the TV Land Awards and Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams turned up, along with costars “Lenny“ and “Squiggy.” Everybody got along fine onstage but the two leading girls were distinctly cool with each other while sitting at their table in the audience. A source told us they barely acknowledged one another and Penny (who CAN be gruff) made a point of turning her back to Cindy and chatting only with her friends. Is this an old feud or a new one?

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  1. I don’t like Penny Marshall if not for her brother…meh. Too butch and mumbly. She’s like the white Whoopi Goldber.

  2. Aww, that’s too bad. Judging from the bottom picture though, Penny looks like she is the “top dog”. Maybe the other cast members are envious?

  3. The Zipskin nailed it. Penny wants to be like Hillary Clinton and wear the pants in the family. She is said to, also like Hillary, love to service the girls!

  4. They all were outstanding in the show. Love the Michael McKean and David Lander characters. God knows Lander had the face and facial expressions for it. He always made me laugh. Poor guy has had to deal with multiple sclerosis for 30 years.

    I applaud Marshall for being a really great actor AND director. Love the fact that she was able to kick some butt and do quality work with Big and A League of Their Own. (My personal favorite is Jumpin Jack Flash).

    Marshall’s personality has always been seasoned with masculine characteristics but perhaps she had to be in order to have a talented women’s voice heard in Hollywood. Who knows.

    I am pleased too see Marshall. I believe the Enquirer had her about killed off. I’ll have to talk to Indy about that. lol

    Glad to see Williams too. Couldn’t stand her creepy money hungry ex husband (Bill Hudson).

  5. Mel, “butch and mumbly”

    LOL!!! Excellent and accurate!!

  6. I never liked Penny Marshall with the attitude from way back. I can totally believe she was rude to Cindy Williams.

  7. anyone but them 2…….i still watch …….betty pick up…..ur wheaties

  8. Strom, I’m amused to see, that per usual, you’ll never let a little thing like reality, or even common sense intrude on your commentary.

    btw, When’s your birthday ? I’ll send you a white sheet, it’ll go great with your burning cross.

  9. @Walt, thanks. I think her mumbly voice is a shtick but its a pain in the ass to listen to.

  10. Amazing rant as EK comes to the rescue of knarly dykes everywhere. Jenny Shimizu and Rosie will be thrilled.

    It’s not about posters but my birthday is widely celebrated.

  11. “my birthday is widely celebrated”

    Strom the Christmas baby?
    Strom: Born on the 4th of July?
    Strom: The great pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch?
    Strom: Happy Thanksgiving! Now where’s that turkey Strom?

    Or maybe Strom’s birthday falls on Martin Luther King day?

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