SO many questions about the tragic L’Wren Scott suicide. First of all, how and why she killed herself with an Hermes scarf and a doorknob is a huge mystery. What kind of acrobatics are involved? Why wouldn’t she just take pills? Had her boyfriend Mick Jagger broken her heart? Was she distraught over turning 50 next month? We happened to ride the Barneys elevator with L’Wren a few years ago and we remember that she was extremely tall, nicely dressed, and quiet. Her boyfriend Mick gave her notoriety and a huge career boost. Until more details emerge, this is a real mystery.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I think it’s more of a leaning strangulation. I have seen several blinds lately that he was cheating on her like crazy and about to break up with her. That probably drove her over the edge. Although who would date this man and NOT think he would cheat. Rockers and pro athletes, they do it because they CAN.

  2. Pills are too iffy. Perhaps the knob was for a closet that was up high.

  3. it’s called ‘soft hanging’ figure it out
    may she rest in peace
    what horrible news
    how awful she could not reach out for help
    bless you l’wren
    safe passage to you
    I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer — Jim Carrey

  4. I was just looking at many of her designs recently and was impressed enough that I checked her out on Wikipedia. I had always thought she was a minor talent, but I realize I was wrong.

  5. The layout of her apartment would have made it very easy to hang herself from a door handle. Duplex. Second floor had a balcony area open to below. Master bedroom door right next to the balcony area.

  6. She left no note. Rare in women, but maybe autoerotic asphyxiation like David Carradine.

  7. She was millions in debt and wouldn’t let Mick help her financially even though he offered. so she waits until he is in Australia to do it. If I had someone help me I would take it in a heartbeat.

  8. It wouldn’t be a traditional suspension hanging, in which one either strangles or breaks one’s neck, but more a matter of cutting off circulation to the brain by pressure on the blood vessels in the neck and/or putting enough pressure on the vagus nerve to stop one’s heartbeat; all one would need to do is lean, and gravity/body weight would do the rest.

    May she rest in peace, and may she find the peace she didn’t have while she was here…

  9. 100% she was “suicided”. Occult ritualistic murder on St. Patrick’s day….

  10. RIP…..far overrated as a designer and as anything more than passing fun for Mick!

  11. She was in debt for almost 8 million and would not take help. Certainly not Mick’s fault. You kill yourself because you want to kill yourself.

  12. Far overrated as a “designer” and supposedly deep in debt. Is it even certain she was a woman?

  13. As far as I’ve seen, it’s been said he’s cheated on every girlfriend and every wife. It’s a shame she felt she had no way out except to kill herself. Whether going broke or losing a boyfriend, it’s no reason to kill yourself!

  14. Take a look at Mick’s message about L’Wren’s suicide on his website. He is struggling as to why his best friend and lover would do this, and he talked about how the life they had built together. Stones canceled a concert in Australia.

    as the saying goes “suicide doesn’t take away the pain, it gives it to someone else”. seems she gave pain to Mick and all the rest in her life.

  15. According to CDaN Jagger cheated on the woman every chance, every chance. Jagger, a shallow POS.

  16. She wanted to marry him and have a family.. he just wouldn’t man up..

  17. Yeah, well, Jagger deserves some karma time. Time to pay up buster.

  18. Mick likely put the brakes to the relationship when he realized she had a personality disorder.
    Then she showed him.
    Sane people don’t suicide.

  19. Getting involved with Mick Jagger would be bad news.

    If the rumors are true, she wanted to have kids with Jagger but couldn’t. The guy is past 70 and was well into his 60s when he met her, so I can’t believe she thought he would have more kids.

  20. She should have filed for bankruptcy like everyone else does.

  21. Pied Piper is correct on sanity issues plus:

    Far overrated as a “designer” and supposedly deep in debt. Is it even certain she was a woman? Mick went for the guys too, didn’t he?

  22. @toomuch she was no spring chicken when she started dating him, and most of the time well into her 40s, so perhaps she realized she would not have her own biological children.

  23. Janet, I’m glad you brought this up. I have been googling trying to figure out how you hang yourself on a doorknob. Interesting chat thread.

  24. Interesting that Mick had no idea she was suicidal. That shows how uninterested in that relationship he was. What spouse or partner wouldn’t know their other half was in terrible emotional pain. His surprise at her suicide says it all.

    L’Wren told her friend a week prior to her suicide that Mick had dumped her. He went on tour without her. Her business was unsuccessful and $6 million in debt is no small thing.

    Mick should be ashamed of himself for abandoning her when she needed him. He may have millions to pay for a publicity spin (he’s quite focused on what the public thinks of him), but he’ll have to live with this for the rest of his life.

  25. Look at you all insisting you know the answer to a very personal matter. Believing stupid blind vices and everything, Ridiculous

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