paris_kisses1.jpgThe president and the vice president of the “I hate Lindsay Lohan” club discovered they have something ELSE in common. Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis (who are fond of DENYING that they have anything against Lindsay despite evidence proving otherwise) are having a secret romance! Did their mutual dislike of La Lohan bring them together? It’s possible. But they’ve been friends for years and hang out a lot and right now both are achingly available. An insider revealed that they are doing more than partying together – they’re going HOME together. They were even caught kissing outside Paris’s house. Is it a match made in hell? Now Lindsay might have the last laugh.

14 thoughts on “LOOK WHO'S KISSING HER NOW!

  1. This disproves the “2 negatives = a positive”. BARF

  2. They are perfect for each other.
    Both boring twits who i wish would just go away.

  3. Let’s see… we have had a picture of Kid Rock (a.k. Nick Carter) and now we have a picture of a chubby Sly Stallone?
    Trust me… I have heard fatty boom buhlatty talk and he is two brain cells smarter than Sly… not to mention, is he on medication to get rid of the herpes hanging off of his arm?
    You people are sick.

  4. Brandon is bi. I heard he was making out with Ashley Hamilton

  5. Can we put them in a zoo somewhere? I’d pay a couple of bucks for entrance, as long as I could pet Paris on the head and throw her a potato chip as a treat.

  6. Grandson of Davis mega oil millions…he and P are drug buddies, natch.

  7. Add Brandon “Firecrotch Lover” Davis to the next poor shmuck to get Herpes.

  8. Well from all the other comments I guess it is safe to assume that they belong together.

  9. I guess they belong together. She is like a worn out door knob, everyone gets a turn, and gets herpes

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