kidrock9.jpgWhen Pamela Anderson returns from Europe, presumably with her new husband Kid Rock in tow, she’ll find herself in HOT WATER with her fanatical animal rights group PETA. Pam partnered up with her personal chef , Chef J, and they opened the Hollywood restaurant BlackSteel. The tasty and sophisticated menu devised by Chef J includes both foie gras and – hold onto your hats – lobster! PETA got wind of these forbidden menu items and they are FURIOUS. After all, Pam is their spokesperson! Pam would like to see the dishes removed from the menu but her chef isn’t convinced. She wants a peaceful partnership and certainly doesn’t want PETA on her back, so this is the dilemma she’ll come home to when the honeymoon is over. The question is: will PETA turn on one of their own and hurl red paint on the bride?

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14 thoughts on “WATCH YOUR BACK, PAM

  1. PETA manage to alienate more people than they can convert most of the time. Pam has done nothing but support them – not just as a spokesperson, but she also stopped wearing leather. She also promotes cruelty-free cosmetics.
    Well that matter to them? Probably not. PETA head, Ingrid Newkirk, has been exposed numerous times as an irrational fraud. If she and her followers keep turning on people that support them, no celeb will support their agenda.

  2. I can’t believe she would allow foie gras on the menu. It’s BARBARIC!!

  3. PETA is a bunch of hypocrites, because even if Pam Anderson didn’t wear leather, and didn’t eat meat, and didn’t wear fur… she still violates PETA’s ethics because she OWNS a DOG. Besides being against eating and wearing animals, PETA is against ALL animal use, which includes pet ownership. If Pam were to truly practice what PETA preaches, she would have to get rid of her dog, too.

  4. We had to know this was coming. Either with PETA or Kid Rock. I’m not surprised by the restaurant menu. You have to feed people what ‘they’ want, not according to your religion!
    Years ago, when Oprah was just starting out, I went to her restaurant, Eccentric in Chicago. My guest & I ordered drinks, Long Island Ice Teas. We were REFUSED because Oprah decided the drink had 4 shots & that it was too much. We were stunned that she would make this decision for all her customers. But it was official, after we had the waitress, manager, and the entire staff tell us we could not order that particular drink! How’s that for portion control!! We never went back.
    Oprah sold her controlling interest and when that happened, we went back. We ordered our drinks and everything was right with the world.

  5. And when did Pam change her mind about Kid Rock? I know Cancers marry Cancers & Capricorns marry Capricorns, but Kid Rock?
    WOW!! He’s turned over a new bottle of Jack, if he’s going to marry Pam for real.
    Isn’t this the guy who, under the influence, yelled & screamed at her in public and insulted her children? Well, if I were him, I’d wonder if she was going to do a ‘Bob Barker’. After she & Tommie Lee had those two boys, according to her, she had Tommie Lee ‘snipped’. So Kid, if I were you, I’d have something in the prenup about medical attention & personal property!!

  6. Pammy’s menu is vegetarian, obviously she can’t tell her chef what to put on his plate, besides by having a wonderful vegetarian menu you are showing people you can still eat amazing foods but not contribute to the needless suffering and murder of animals to stuff your stomach.
    Thanks Pam for helping the animals and PETA

  7. I was told by our waiter at BlackSteel that Pam handled ONLY the vegetarian menu– not the regular menu. Besides, my whole experience was horrible and poorly executed. I didn’t try and of Pam’s dishes, besides maybe an appetizer. Our food was cold and the woman serving was clueless when it came to a passion for the presentation.
    I’ll never go back to BlackSteel.

  8. Well if PETA employees can slaughter dozens of puppies and kittens in the back of a traveling van, dump the cute little corpses in parking lot dumpsters, then subsequently be charged with felony animal-cruelty, and still receive not only praise, but financial support from PETA, then Silicone (or is it SillyCones) Pam has nothing to worry about.
    Besides PETA didn’t seem to mind that Pammy was the individual responsible for making Australian Uggs (ugly boots made from sheepskins) a household fashion statement, when she wore them during her Baywatch Daze, to keep her tootsies warm in the frigid climes of frosty Southern California.

  9. That looks like Sally Struthers after 1,000 sit ups.

  10. Funny how animal welfare/rights activists are held to ethical standards that their critics don’t abide to. Isn’t that akin to the pot calling the kettle black? And please, the “shoot the messenger” approach (i.e. shoot down Pam rather than her message) is so old, tired and transparent. Let’s engage in a discussion about the appalling treatment of animals in factory farm.

  11. What is even more funny is that animal rights extremists hold others to higher ethical standards than they are willing to abide by themselves. And these aimal-rights nuts are the ones doing the harassing and haranging toward others in the first place, regarding these issues, so they should lead by EXAMPLE, instead of spewing out their current “do as I say, not as I do” harassment mentality.

  12. So funny that you serve meat Pam..You don’t eat meat and yet your serving meat at your new place but people like meat and the whole world can’t go in that direction for life unless they want to and of course some people that love meat are not going to eat at meatless place and so what are you going to do and remember your the boss and there are other people that will work for you and do what you want. Your the boss and the chef works for you and it is not the other way around and work on this problem and solve the manner..Boss lady?

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