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This season’s Celebrity Apprentice turns out to have more drama and backstabbing than any of the “Housewives” shows and we can’t take our eyes off it. This particular reality show seems to push participants into revealing more about their personalities than we ever imagined. Sure, we expected Star Jones to clash with another BIG personality NeNe Leakes, but who knew she would drag Lisa Rinna over the coals? And Lisa (above, with daughter) revealed her feelings in a number of tweets and emails that insulted Star so much that Star naturally turned to the NBC legal department for help. As juicy as this was, it’s hard to top Dionne Warwick’s arrogance and sense of entitlement. We knew she had some dubious financial dealings (TV psychic business and charity fund raising) but we never knew she could be so MEAN! Bring it on, Donald!



  1. Just finished watching Celebrity Aprentice, not that exciting tonight. Star Jones was just happy that Niki Taylor threw herself under the bus. She was smart enough to keep her BIG mouth shut this time and fly under the radar.
    I can’t wait til she gets her Ass canned!! I trust they will keep Star around for the ratings. Donald is not blind to Star’s antics, he knows exactly what she’s like and there is no way in he’ll she is going to win. I predict Meatloaf or John Rich will win.

    Dionne Warwick definitely is a B with an ITCH, 70 years old or not. It’s amazing that this is the first that most people have heard of this.

  2. this show holds NO appeal to me…. so why am i commenting??

  3. Janet you must be the only person in America watching this rubbish.

  4. I don’t know anyone watching this garbage either.

    Lisa Rinna has a loving husband, who cooks, and two beautiful daughters.

    Star Jones is a lonely witch, running out of road.

  5. Dionne Warwick is a hate filled racist bitch. Star Jones is just as bad but she is smart enough to be able to hide it better. The cameras caught a rear view of Star on tonights show in a pair of tight pants. Her ass looked like 100 pounds of mashed potatos had been stuffed in her drawers. Could possibly be the worst celebrity ass of all time. I can see why her ex-husband was a pillow biter. If I had a choice of seeing Stars ass or take one up the old tail pipe it might be a close call.

  6. Yep…Dionne had little talent but a large attitude and you can see where Whitney gets her diva act now….Dionne is full of racisist hate and anyone who has ever seen her show wantted their money back for her poor performances and bad attitude. She has no looks either…just another big forehead.

  7. Janet, you have piqued my interest and I may just have to tune in to this show.

  8. I may be in the minority, but I hate Celebrity Apprentice. Donald should drop it and concentrate on campaigning for Pres.

  9. that kid had to wear pumps from the day she was born.

  10. I think Celebrity Apprentice is great fun and it’s hilarious to watch the “stars” really let their true colors show. I am appalled at Dionne Warwick and can’t wait for her to get fired. Ditto for Star Jones, although like Gary Busey, it’s entertainment and so they’ll stick around awhile to keep the pot stirred. I don’t think Niki Taylor threw herself under the bus. I think she accepted responsibility for her team losing, but I also wonder if she was just sick of being there dealing with those witches and decided it was better to go home.

  11. On the losing side in the Boardroom, Niki handled her team’s loss with grace and dignity.
    As P.M. she took *full responsibility and did Not bad mouth a single member of her team. I had recognized Niki Taylor as a Super model, but last night she represented herself as a woman of true grit and walked out of that Boardroom with her head held high. After leaving Trump Towers,she remained a Class Act!!

  12. I was shocked that LaToya Jackson actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about!!

  13. I love the show and have watched it from the beginning. I agree Dionne is a huge disapointment. She acts like she thinks the whole world should be bowing down to her and kissing her feet. She’s a real bitch, and so is Star Jones, but everybody already KNEW that! Dionne is the shocker in this show. her reputation really takes a hit on this one. Hope she’s gone SOON. Latoya actually sounded HUMAN and maybe like she had a brain which shocked the hell outa me. Busey is crazy as shit and I really can’t believe he had a baby not too long ago. MY GAWD! Can you even imagine having THAT freak raise you? Jose Canseco (sp?) isn’t nice at all and doesn’t move a finger to help his team. I love the cowboy dude, can’t remember his name but he sure is smart and cute and love his singing and capabilities to make songs for everything, and love Meatloaf too and watching his frustrations over Busey are pretty funny. SOMEONE is going to kill Busey if they don’t get his ass fired soon!

  14. Busey’s okay. Head injury, and a mouth full of fake teeth. Poor guy. He’ll do alright. Star Jones has quite a bit of intelligence. Dionne Warwick is a boat anchor–a whole lotta dead weight.

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