Lisa Lampanelli is using “Celebrity Apprentice” to make herself more famous but also universally disliked. Her outright bullying and egotistical tirades against Dayana “Miss Universe” Mendoza on the show are an embarrassment. (And a disgrace to the female sex!) Yes, contestants are paid a lot to be on this show and they are pushed to have conflicts and meltdowns. But to completely abandon the idea of decent manners and treatment of others is inexcusable. One can criticize another person without histrionics and demeaning insults. Donald Trump seems to be gleefully bringing out the WORST in everybody. Aubrey O’Day has the same kind of ego and sense of entitlement as Lisa, but she’s SNEAKY about it. And Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken aren’t the nice guys we thought they were. Of all people, New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice so far seems clearly appalled by the others’ behavior. As a result of these performers destroying their own reputations, the show is MESMERIZING.
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  1. This woman seems really frustrated and in a bad mood most of the time…She scares me and creates drama and…There is something bout her that throws me in another direction that is not positive… She seems to be rude and hateful at times.

  2. In my mind she is not a people person and she often throws every one under the bus and sooner or later it is going to come back and bite her in the butt.

  3. Dayana is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. She is absolutely stunning. I think the other women (Clay included) were threatened my her beauty and wanted to knock her down a few notches. She handled herself with grace under attack from Lisa who must feel so insecure in her presence. I think one of the men had it right earlier in the season when he said Aubrey was upset she wasn’t the best looking woman in the room. Dayana makes Aubrey look like a troll and Aubrey knows it.

  4. Miss Arsenio Hall is on the show? I might take a peek at it then. I enjoyed his talk show many years ago and thought he was great host.

  5. Everyone on these shows are freaks or under a delusion of grandeur!

  6. I can’t wait to see that cow, Lisa, get fired, and Aubrey next!

    I can see why Aubrey was bullied in school. She’s a back-stabbing, conniving wench, who is only out for #1. She and Lisa make a good pair! Butch & Byatch

  7. Too much reality tv, but when your choices are dramas consist of; police, forensic, medical (basically f**k all good watchable content), then no wonder s**t reality tv shows prevail.

  8. believe it or not: DONAL DUCK/TRUMP LOVES ANIMAL SEX, folks!!

  9. This season is a huge trainwreck and I can’t stop watching!

  10. Lisa’s personal attacks of Mendoza came across as jealousy and racism.
    Much like Nene’s bullying and racism.

  11. Lisa is a ugly dyke but noone is as lazy and racist as was nene.

    It is a show for wannabe’s and gays!

  12. I loved Dayana. Lisa and Aubrey (who??) are mentally deranged. You’re right about Clay. He’s a creep.

  13. Thats why I watch it! Yall know I’m a SHOW QUEEN, FOLKS. Lust after show tunes. My jazz hands have jazz hands! I’m so gay you can see me flaming from outer space!

    I love Black men so much that I got butt injections! I love kneeling down before the mighty black sock! Kim Kardashian, you and I will fight over Kanye!

  14. I saw her on a show today and she said she is in menopause. No that woman was a bully before monopause. I quit watching because of her. And now people are putting her on their shows, its shameful. If she was a blue collar person in public talking to people like they the media would crucify her. But since she is a”celebrity” they think it is cute. Yuck

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