We APPLAUD Lisa Edelstein for not giving in to those humorless, self-righteous “politically correct” manners-tyrants on Twitter! The Bravo star off-handedly tweeted “RIP Alan Thicke. Seems like everyone is checking out before the Trumpacolypse.” She’s been slammed right and left by people just LOOKING for something to complain about. They make themselves feel superior by attempting to SHAME Lisa for her innocent comment. Nothing about that tweet was insulting to the late Alan Thicke’s memory – it was an amusing remark against Donald Trump. Has everybody lost their MINDS? We LOVE that Lisa (justifiably) refused to apologize or take back her words- instead she stands up to the bullies and RETWEETS THE INSULTS she gets! She’s our new HERO!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. The Internet has ruined how people interact with each other and instead of caring about each other or socializing in person, people think that posting opinions, scruitinzing comments, and saying whatever they want online is normal. It’s not. It used to be that you could say something to someone out loud and it would disappear into the ether. Not anymore. Everyone thinks that their opinion is so important. Society has gone downhill. And people like Zuckerberg are laughing all the way to the bank. And people like Trump are laughing all of the way to the White House. Life was so much better BEFORE the Internet.

  2. “You don’t make jokes when people die. Period.”

    Speaking of periods… Send your soiled sanitary products to your Republican Senators and Congressmen. They’ll sure there isn’t a fertilized egg in the blood.

    Republicans want any zygote, any fetus to have a funeral. We can’t be too careful. God is watching.

  3. Why would you think that is funny??
    Janet, if that is your idea of a hero, I worry
    about you. The timing of that remark is bad and I dont think it is as cute as Lisa thinks.

  4. From what I’ve read about Alan’s self-deprecating sense of humor, he would be laughing the hardest at Lisa’s comment. I get the creepy gallows humor, but lighten up, people.

  5. You just don’t equate the sudden death of someone with your political angst
    It’s not a matter of lightening up
    It’s a matter of respect for those he left behind
    Civility is lost in our country

  6. Now THAT’S COMEDY GOLD right there!

    This alleged comedienne–whoever the hell she is–SLAYS; she should write for SNL–really!

    Retweeted to the widow and sons!! 😀

  7. A “less-classy” version of Kathy Griffin–if such a thing were possible! 🙁

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