What’s a girl to do? Lindsay Lohan is convinced that playing Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s movie “Liz and Dick” is extremely important to boost her career so she’s heavily involved in the production. According to RadarOnline, she’s not happy with any of the actors who read for the role of Richard Burton because they’re not big names. She even had the nerve to suggest to producers that they send HER to London to scout for an A-list costar. Ironically it’s Lindsay’s big salary that ate up the budget and they can only afford to pay around $200,000 max for her leading man. That means Colin Farrell is OUT. Producers aren’t sending her to London, but they want to keep her happy. The pressure is mounting because they start filming in a few weeks and need her costar to rehearse.(Above, Lindsay and young Elizabeth, below Elizabeth and Richard Burton)



  1. Russel Crowe(intensity,temper) or Gerald Butler(british and good age)if it was a movie for big screen

  2. and they pay her too expensive.I hope they have a secret pot for her future lateness and they don’t hope to get back the outfits that she will use

  3. Hahaha! LindZ-list Lohan wants an A-list costar!?!? Too freaking funny. The people who making this pos “bio” must be delusional, as well as having the worst taste in the world. Who in their right mind would cast an actress whose face and body are opposite looking of the subject, & whose acting skills are sketchy–yes, i know people think she was great as a kid actress…I thought she was average at best. I see kid actors performing Shakespeare & Gilbert & Sullivan–thats talent. That, plus her horrible rep. Ick. Well, this is why I never watch the lifeline channel or whatever its called.

  4. hahahahahahahaha, what will she expect of a man named “Dick”?

  5. Carrie, Gerald Butler sounds perfect!

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of him. I think he could pull it off. He is a bit of a horndog with the ladies. I wouldn’t trust him around my pets. 🙂

  6. God knows Liz would have been too too high maintenance for a sane man. Still, she looks so beautiful and glamorous in that photo.

  7. Dont be foolish enought to post your e mail on a internet web site unless you want all the crank mail in the world to result.

    Its only a tv movie so it doesnt mean much anyway

  8. georgie,

    I totally agree. I thought also that she was just an average child star. She must have hit the casting couch with a pedophile producer even back then.

    And as for the $200,000, LiLo should get only $200,000, and that’s $200,000 more than she has now. I think an out-of-work wanna-be actor should be obtained at also $200,000. Even with a low budget, I think this will be a huge flop.

    When LiLo again puts the moves on Sam Ronson (or vice versa), it will be the same old story; a hung-over skag showing up 2 hours late on the set looking like a washed-out rag doll. 🙂

  9. Dear “Strom” person,

    Of all the “personalities” why did you decide to spend so much time and effort on the “Strom” one? Of course, she (Strom) gets more responses due to the horror of reading your sick racist comments.

  10. The best leading man for Lilo is probably..

    Sam Ronson

  11. Sam Ronson as “Dick”. Now that would be something new. (wink wink)

  12. The producers should send this delusional fool to rehab. She needs to get over herself & be thankful for even getting another gig which may or may not include, a 25 year stretch in a state pen with no chance of parole. Shut up already Lindsay.

  13. How about Scott Dickless? He’s in London. And he’s a real Ahole, uh, Alist.

  14. Muffie – The best leading man for Lilo is probably…… Sam Ronson


    Too Funny! LOL!

  15. Why is Hollywood glamorizing an immoral, multi-married woman with a criminal actress?

    Elizabeth Taylor was married multiple times, fornicating with each before the ceremony and now we celebrate, yes celebrate her immoral lifestyle and not respect the sanctity of one man and one woman, together and faithful to each other for life.

    America is a lost and dying nation. This is a sewer lifestyle promoted by greedy Hollywood.

  16. She is beyond delusional. Why does anyone take her seriously? It would be a tie between SmaRo and Scott Dickless. Who is bankrolling this turkey?

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