We’re guessing Marc Anthony is SO OVER hearing about his estranged wife Jennifer Lopez’s multitude of accomplishments since they split up. Consequently, he trotted out his well endowed younger girlfriend to boost his own ego. After they broke up Jennifer went on to appear on American Idol for big bucks, she was named People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman, had two hit records, and Forbes dubbed her the Most Powerful Celebrity. Plus, of course, she has a young boyfriend. ENOUGH already! Marc flaunted his 24 year old Venezuelan beauty queen girlfriend Shannon De Lima at a Cedars Sinai event.



  1. insert here please,

    my usual hateful, racist, puerile commentary about my lack of anal sex, or any actual human interaction really plus the unrestricted USE of uppercase letters, not to mention; beaners, forehead size, the world wide Juice conspiracy, island life, rainbow enablers, toasters, coasters and all you knarly lesbians.

    and remember to stay on topic you slant eyed wizards of the pre-nup

  2. Palermo is right – there is really something wrong with him.

  3. She is absolute perfection. I am hoping they marry. The white gown makes me think she is pure and chaste in anticipation of the wedding night.

    He will open her flower with tenderness and love within the confines of the marital bed. How exciting for the both of them.

  4. The Strom{REta} multiple imposter is fucking with everyone.

  5. Patrick I don’t think it is Reta. Even she knows Strom and Capt. America are two different persons. Obviously someone new that does not know this distinction

    Detective Cal xx


  6. Yep I agree that the poor little imposter now is multiplying…its just over in its corner I suppose giggling and at shift change in the call center will run home and tells its little fairy friends.

    Marc has always been able to bring on the babes and this one is a looked who can keep her mouth shut. J Lo’s publicity machine always to belittle the ex and make her look like the brave victim. Its time that she was shown for what she is…a money grubbing skank with a fame complex….Marc should just enjoy life and the babes and ignore her antics as they will get more desparate as she ages.

  7. Nice looking lady!

    It’s good to see that Anthony has moved on.

  8. This girl is divine.

    Btw everyone knows jlo has the best mgmt team and advisors, those people work tirelessly for months to get jlo on the top of those lists. Good for jlo for paying the right people to keep her no talent tush at the top of those lists.

  9. Patrick, Sadly, you are correct. Plus, I think we both know who both of them really are. That’s why racist and vulgar things are allowed and will always be allowed.

  10. I am no prize to look at and neither is Marc Anthony. He has a hell of a great voice and is clearly talented. However, the poor fellow is so frail and puny. I know he can’t help his looks but I just can’t see what a woman could possibly see in him.

    I can’t imagine some poor woman being his girlfriend and going to bed with him. Seeing a skeleton with dark sunken eyes approaching you in candle light for romance would have to scare the wits out of someone.

  11. So he’s back to trawling the beauty pageant stable. Good for Skeletor. Can’t he find one shorter than him?

  12. he’s still Skeletor…but obviously money makes him real attractive!

  13. Lol Walt! I’ve never understood what women see in him. Somebody I know said it perfectly when he said that he looks like a scrawny rat.

  14. Cal…cops scare me!!
    But you can put me up against the wall anytime you want!
    Hint…find the concealed weapon.

  15. Oh Patrick, sometimes you are sooo funny and sometimes sooo unfunny!!

  16. Walt,

    Never say again that you are no prize, for you are indeed a prize, just ask all of us-uns and Mrs. W. (lol)

    In regard to skeletor…..the problem-o is his mind is screwed up royally. And it has good reason to be after many affairs and fathering several kids, in and out of wedlock. And then to be around the JLo diva for awhile, well, would you not agree that he is now completely nuts.

    Trying to out-do JLo with the much-younger -than-me beautiful air-head is so pathetic. 🙁

  17. Indy, How sweet you are to say that. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. (big hug to you) : )

    You may have something there regarding M. Anthony. People can really drive you nuts and break your spirit. He has a reputation of being a controlling person (I have no idea if he really is.) However, he more than had his hands full if he was going to even attempt that with Lopez. Hope he learned his lesson that people aren’t suppose to be controlled. : )

  18. I haven’t posted in a long time, due to computer woes, but I just have to say that poster who claims to be Strom. is obviously NOT Strom. Who is he, and where is the real Strom? BTW, Walt,Indy is right, even through the impersonal computer, you come across as a Prince. Gotta love ya!

  19. It’s not about posters but Strom is here and, is as obvious to anyone, the first Strom post in this thread is from the poor little imposter who got a break from the call center and got his little jollies.

    Marc has never had any trouble in finding women and this one is a beauty!

  20. Mary-Claire, Thank you so very much. Another little angel that brightens my day. 🙂


    Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain

  21. Mary-Claire,

    I thought about you the other day and wondered how you were doing. I hope you are OK.

    Sometimes computers are a real b***h. My computer caught a virus last year and it took 3 nerds 3 days and $150 to fix it.

    You are ACES. Keep in touch please.

  22. Well, to look at it this way:

    Since she obviously outweighs him, she can carry him across the thresh-hold. LOL. He looks beaten down, miserable and dark circles under eyes. J-Lo is no tiger you can deal with and emerge with your right mind.

  23. “skeletor” obviously has that suave latino thing going on hence the long line of lovelies. I figure he also must be packin’.

    But I doubt all the suave latinos in the world can hold a candle to a true southern gentleman like Walt. 🙂

  24. Marc needs to watch his back. The Donald won’t like anyone moving in on his territory.

  25. And for the Strom impostor–Strom and Forrest Gump are different people. Forrest Gump is some barely literate guy in the Netherlands. And Strom is a best-selling author whose birthday is widely celebrated (so he says.)

  26. Denise, “true southern gentleman like Walt.”


    Thank you young-un (southern slang)and bless you. : )

  27. Strom, in principle i don’t approve of imposters at all – but in your case it’s more acceptable.

    This is because you are generally a pretty hopeless kind of creep, and the faux Strom postings at least bring some levity and perspective to the neighbourhood.

    “the world wide Juice conspiracy”, LOL! is much better than your weird obsession with fluids and Khardassians … ugghh

  28. Strom is “a best selling author” – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  29. Erika K, LOL!!!!! Don’t forget about her birthday…….. “whose birthday is widely celebrated.”

    Additionally, … ..”It’s not about the posters!!!!!” but is perfectly fine if it is about the mighty Strom-ette.

  30. Nope, its not fine about myself, or other posters…no one really cares. But the total looney, without enough self esteem to even use its own little handle is pretty sicko. Read a few of its posts and if you decide you like them so well maybe you can be it too!

  31. Stomette, what the heck are you talking about? Spit it out.

  32. By Erika K
    On May 23, 2012 at

    “Strom is “a best selling author” – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

    The laugh is on you

  33. Not without many wigs, lots of makeup, and some work……if you see her sans this she is a very plain hispanic woman….would look at home shopping at a ny bodega

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