It’s time for Ke$ha , 25, to take the dollar sign out of her name. She’s grown up a little – celebrity photographer Terry Richardson convinced her to clean up for some presentable photos and it’s time to lose some of her gimmicks. Hopefully, she’s also learned how to tip. Ke$ha had a party awhile back at Jumbo’s Clown Room and haven’t forgotten it. The girls who dance onstage at the club were happy with the abundance of dollar bills thrown onstage as tips from partygoers. But all the bills turned out to be FAKE – with Ke$ha’s picture on them! Those dancers work hard for the money and they were angry and insulted and hope they never see the Tik Tok singer again!


  1. Only Ke$ha would have the “balls”(self proclaimed) to do something like this. In a round about way, I guess she did tip/gift them, as they are now on the map.

    Judging from the looks of the lot, lack of tips, probably happens on a regular basis.

  2. Muffie, LOL

    I know nothing about Kesha, except she looks like she is headed for disaster of some kind sooner or later. At age 25 with tattoos and wearing blue lipstick is pathetic and gross.

  3. JANET,

    Will you please put on the subject of Brad Pitt and Angelina HO-lie, or else can I (may I?) write about something big on these 2 on this Kesha one.

  4. Indy,

    You forgot to say “Simon Says”. 🙂

    What’s going on with Pitt & Jolie? Has she fallen on someone else’s husband and she get up?

  5. amended: and she can’t get up?

  6. Walt,

    Today, on Inside Edition, Brad Pitt was somewhere signing autographs and a reporter walked up to him and asked about the wedding.

    He (with his usual long greasy hair) said there has absolutely been no date set and nothing is set for a wedding. (Could he be getting sick of the bratty 6-pack and Mama Diva’s whining ways???) Plus, there has been recent rumors of both of them being jealous and accusing each other of cheating, and her cheating with a woman.

    Also, in the Globe, it was reported that he is trying his best to get the anorexic Angie to eat more, as she weighs 98 pounds and is 5 foot 7 or 8 inches. (a pic of her proved this point….super super bony).

    Then, by golly, in the Enquirer, it said he likes his women thin, such as Gwyneth Paltrow got super skinny for him.

    Who knows what the real deal is about whether he likes ’em thick or thin. He looked miserable while he was being grilled by the reporter. I think these two are the most talked about duo now, because they are nuts. Ace gossiper signing off for now. lol

  7. Kesha needs to learn how to dress.

    Indy, he likes them thin. Jennifer Aniston lost 30 pounds during Friends because he asked her to. Not that she ever appeared to have 30 lbs. to lose. Obviously his taste runs to the skeletal.

  8. That vulgar harlott. The first picture is vile.

    She let’s the world be her gynecologist.

    What must her poor mother and mortified father think about this display.

    I weep.

  9. Buck up “Christeen”, I’m sure her mother and father are comforted by the cashola this “vulgar harlot” rakes in.

  10. Indy aka “Ace gossiper”, Thanks for the info!! Pitt doesn’t sound like a man in love does he?

    When my wife agreed to marry me (fourth or fifth time of asking), I remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine actually being married to her. When we said our vows, we both cried out of happiness (which is something my service buddies didn’t let me forget. lol)

  11. Christeen Cavalario, At least she is wearing panties and a top. lol

    Her mom was a performer (singer & song writer) and I don’t think Kesha ever knew who her dad was. She was raised in a kind of hippie lifestyle but exposed to some good singers and song writers in Nashville.

    The kid’s music isn’t for everybody. Still, I have to appreciate just how far she really has come. She didn’t have a priviledged childhood. This kid grew up dirt poor. She learned most of her song writing skills from her mom.

    I like a good rags-to-riches story. 🙂

  12. Ha ha.. good joke Kesha, there’s a better world out there away from stripping..

  13. maybe she hates the idea of tipping one another?

  14. One skank lesbian.

    And speaking of skank lesbians:
    Word is Angie is being serviced quite often by Jenny Shimizu once again!

  15. Whatta scum bucket this Dou$ha whats-her-name is. Fake dollars? Really? Would have been great had the Jumbo’s girls had their way with her, right on the stage. That would have brought in some real dollars.

    I hate Ke(fake$)ha. She sucks as an artist (actually should be referred to as an artist), and she sucks as a human being.

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