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Lil’ Kim is on the fast path to becoming the Joan Rivers of the rap world when it comes to plastic surgery – and she’s only 38! (Above, she was photographed during Fashion Week in New York) Her face, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, her lips – everything looks different! Besides implants, she’s had an enormous amount of liposuction and probably butt augmentation as well. Is she morphing into a white woman? It’s funny that she accused Nicki Minaj of STEALING HER LOOK! Although, come to think of it, we DO see a resemblance…



  1. If she’s morphing into a white woman, it’s the ugliest one I’ve ever seen…

  2. the porn industry is alway’s availible.
    ……..any place……..anywhere!!

  3. She is one knarly ghetto BLACK. Instead of having her at a press conference or a special event she should be sent to work.

    This is a picture of success to the BLACK race and a major reason why they are being passed like turtles in the race for success.

    Name the ghetto cruisers off, one by one, and you she lot’s of nothing!

  4. They all try and look like white people…MJ, Beyonce, RiRi but can’t.

    50% of BLACK women have herpes…wanna bet on LK?

  5. That look on her face says: I’d like to kill you. One tough shorty.

  6. She needs to stop & the plastic surgeon needs his license revoked. I can’t believe how some of these celebs pays thousands of dollars to look deformed & disfigured. Yuck.

  7. Satin is the devil’s fabric and rarely looks good on very thin women let alone curvy ones.

    L’il Kim, in my opinion, was a very pretty woman. Why she thought she needed plastic surgery is anyone’s guess.

  8. The music Corporations make billions off of pushing garbage ‘gangster rap’ image and ‘culture’ around the world to mindless consumers, the majority of whom are WHITE. As are the Corp executives and the ones who profit from this type of trash music. Obviously, she has no self-respect or she wouldn’t put out the kind of image and ‘music’ she does. The woman needs counseling.

  9. They all try and look like white people…MJ, Beyonce, RiRi, but can’t.

    They know their men want only a true white blonde!

  10. Strom, do you have any friends or any adult relationships ? Because, you need help.

    Your posts are obviously from someone suffering from a severe mental defect and desperate for attention.

    There are treatment options available, and if that’s not practical perhaps try talking to a help hotline, or even a church group.

    You might feel a bit better, I hope so, because it’s really sad sometimes to read your posts. You poor guy.

  11. Thanks Andrea and maybe you should turn your obvious talents of support to the 50% of BLACK women who have and spread herpes….you could help them get some type of help or maybe a herpes hotline number. Better yet, Patti Labelle could use an intervention from you for anger management…isn’t there a hotline number there too?

    Maybe getting a job would be a great use of time too.

  12. another day, another online KKK rally!

    what does having too much plastic surgery have to do with morphing into a white woman?

    I’m looking at this photograph of Lil’ Kim and she does look like a woman whose been enhanced far too often but she aint looking white.


  13. She would love to be but just can’t get there…ask ‘Toya and Beyonce, Janet and Michael!

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