Not only did LeAnn Rimes, 29, steal Brandi Glanville’s husband – she also stole her scent! LeAnn noticed and loved the fragrance that Brandi, 39, wore to a recent soccer game. Since they are now speaking, LeAnn asked what it was and Brandi told her “Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom.” Ruthless LeAnn went right out and bought the same cologne and now she wears it all the time – it’s HER scent too! Of course, her husband Eddie Cibrian is crazy about it.


  1. It’s actually sad that she is so obviously insecure in her relationship and trying so desperately to fill the shoes on a woman she will never even come close to comparing to in terms of looks. Happy, confident women don’t feel the need to copy their husband’s ex wives (or anyone else)in the way that she does. It makes her look like she doesn’t have any idea of who she is as a person and doesn’t have an original idea in her head. I have heard people refer to LeAnn Rimes as “psycho” and a sociopath and if this little tidbit is in fact true, I would have to agree. She even teeters around on platform shoes in what seem an attempt to be tall like the 5’11” ex. Instead she just looks out of proportion and emphasizes her lack of height. It’s a shame she is wasting her talent and career in favor of this quest to morph into Brandi. I guess even she realizes Eddie is only with her for her money. If she wasn’t so crazy, I’d feel very sorry for her.

  2. Nicely said, Elizabeth! 100%

    One thing can be said for Brandy, she IS honest! Also a bit of a bitch, but definately honest. The only thing fake about her is her tits!

  3. Elizabeth you are spot on! It’s sad that LeAnne is a follower and not a leader. It has to be a little annoying for Brandi that this girl is copying everything about her (stealing her man, implants, her looks and now her scent). LeAnne get a life!

  4. Everyone knows LeAnn copies Brandi’s clothing, hairstyles, etc, and stalks her FB and Twitter. She truly thinks no one notices. It’s pathetic. It’s one thing to deal with your husband having an affair and marrying that person, but it’s another to have the new wife obsessing on copying you and becoming you and trying to edge you out of your own kids’ lives. LeAnn’s nonsense is well documented and people are starting to pick up on how truly off her behavior is.

  5. Why are they still fighting over loser Eddie? Brandi should bide her time and realize that this union will fail. In the meantime, she should try to find someone that is going to be faithful (if that’s possible in TinselTown).

  6. Christine India, you hit the nail right on the head. The marriage will fail. It is just a matter of time. Her insecurity in the relationship coupled with his history as a serial cheater doesn’t exactly add up to a fairytale ending.

  7. LeAnn must never have had good cock to behave this way. Good for him! Good cock makes a woman act right or god dam crazy. He really must have fucked her well because she doesen’t know how to act. Oh well, good for him and I hope he has kids so he can withhold the good cock for child payments and divorce payments to his ex wife. White woman in hollywood must not be getting laid well because him, Antonio banderas and black men must have white woman not knowing what to do with themselves once they get it but want it all the time.

  8. You can just tell that Eddie thinks he is mister smooth cool handsome. Actually, he and skinny LeAnn look more like brother and sister than lovers with those tiny squinty eyes of theirs. When LeAnn’s money goes, Eddie is gone too.

  9. I always wondered…how can anybody ‘steal’ a husband, and how come that no man ever ‘steals’ a wife from another man ?
    But a part from this little detail she is not painting a very good picture of herself.

  10. This unfortunate looking cretin can sing to the world how happy she is, but her stalkish disturbing behavior paints a different story. It almost seems that she won’t be happy until she becomes the perfect clone of Brandi, blood type and all.Ok, the blood part was a far stretch. Seriously though what normal person acts like this? They don’t. I, like many others, are not convinced this is a happy marriage but looking more like a marriage of convenience for Eddie. He is in it for one thing and she is in it for love. Sad delusional woman. She is a Z lister almost on the verge of being kicked out of the alphabet and becoming a non lister. She needs to stop focusing on Brandi, and focus on her own issues.

  11. Yep, stay tuned. When Eddie burns thru leAnn’s money (mostly for child support for his 2 kids) then he will say Adios baby. Leann is beyond stupid.

  12. So what this translates into is that Eddie is still pining for Brandi and he is very vocal about his desire to be with Brandi to Leann. Many people thought that Eddie was flirting with Brandi in those photos of them at the soccer game and they were right. So Leann thought that if she wore the same perfume as Brandi, that this would make Eddie like her? If morphing herself still hasn’t made Eddie like Leann by now, then Leann needs to take a hint and move on.

  13. Eddie Cibrian isn’t married to the woman of his dreams. He married the stalker/skank who destroyed his marriage and rendered him homeless. And the only reason he married her is for her money. Those two boys will despise this witch soon enough. However, I doubt the marriage will last 2 more years. He must be totally baked to have sex with LeAnn. I mean LOOK AT HER. She is gross. Teeth rotting out in her mouth, 3 iroot canals in 3 weeks. Disgusting. Effing dusgusting. STUPID PIG. Brandi is so lucky to be rid of Eddie and cashing LeAnn’s checks. HaHa. You will never come close to the pretty and hot Brandi, Leann. Your are an asswipe to society.

  14. I really hope that she didn’t seriously ask and then go out and buy the same exact perfume! If its true, that girl needs serious help. I truly believe she is sick in the head and needs prof. help. She probably sits in the dark with pictures of Brandi surrounding her and sniffing the perfume obessively. Run for the hills Eddie!!

  15. I am speechless. Is she even aware of what she is doing. Brandi would benefit from filing a restraining order out against Leann to stay away from her and the children. Leann is so obviously unstable and in need of professional help. I feel so bad for Brandi having to endure this. It can’t be easy. Creepy is putting it mildly. It’s usually fans who stalk celebrities and here we have a celebrity stalking an ex wife. Just so weird and too creepy. Leann has lost all sense of appeal. I will never listen nor buy any of her cd’s. After what she did and what she has become she can keep her garbage material. I’m done with her music. “Mr Cibrian you risked it all for a loose canon. She’s extremely unattractive too, and I can’t emphasize that enough. Me saying, Leann is unattractive is being extremely kind, other unkind terms come to mind but I won’t touch that. Just what the hell were you thinking?” I don’t get it

  16. Meghan

    Leann is the queen of grand delusions. If Le has the life that Brandi wants, then please explain why it was Leann who slept with Brandi’s husband? And why it was Leann who stalked Brandi using WEWENLOVE and Witchy twitter accounts? And why it is Leann Rimes who continues to copy everything that Brandi does, right down to what she tweets.

    Leann hires men for photo-ops, including Eddie Cibrian. I heard that Eddie only walked the red carpet with Leann for ACMs because she made out with his mistress. Are you seriously going to go there with the “never heard from again line” when Eddie Cibrian called Leann a speedbump in his marriage and denied his affair with Leann even after there was evidence showing him meeting Leann at hotels? Eddie didn’t publicly acknowledge that he was sleeping with Leann until AFTER his affair with Scheana was exposed and he had no where else to go.

    Why would Brandi be jealous of Leann dueting with Rob Thomas? Don’t you think it’s bad for Leann that she has to ride the coattails of other artists just to get her music noticed these days? If Rob Thomas had any sense he would get as far as away from Leann as possible. Have you ever noticed that those celebs who associate with Leann tend to start having major problems when they befriend Leann? It’s like Leann is bad luck.

  17. @Meagan J charlton is not the only one that noticed how Leann imitates Brandi. If Leann was happy with her life she would not have went after another womans husband, Brandi had everything Leann wanted, Handsome but cheating husband children good friends and family. All Leann had was whats left of her career and money.She will do ANYTHING to keep that man and Eddie knows it. It’s sad when a woman will give up her identity and everything else just to hold on to a serial cheater like Eddie.

  18. 5150 pronto…. I used to follow her on Twitter but that batty b**ch just became crazier & crazier. When I saw what she was slying doing to Brandi I quickly unfollowed. No excuse for acting like a crazed stalker and thinking it’s funny that your Twitter besties are bullying a woman, yet you always say you’re a advocate for peace. Like heck she is. Does she have a multiple personality disorder? I don’t advocate bullying myself, but she brings the hate on herself. I also wish she’s get it through her head that the camera is not her friend, and neither are mirrors. B***ch is beastly looking. I’m not hating when I say this but simply advocating truth. When will the Batty B***h ever see the truth. Denial is her BFF.

  19. 5 years ago I would have never, ever considered criticizing Leann Rimes’ looks. Even though her career wasn’t hot, even back then, I thought of her as a talented young woman who had been a child prodigy and who seemed to conduct herself reasonably well. Now with the affair, stalking of first the man, now the ex wife and her hypocritical comments on how she is being bullied, all while she not only had fake Twitter accounts to bully, taunt and attack the ex, but had “friend” of hers do it as well, I feel very differently. That squint eyed, scrawny, huge nostrilled, sociopath can try to copy the ex all she wants. She will never compare. The ex’s boob job looks great, hers is a wonky mess. The ex is a statuesque former model who knows how to dress to flatter her frame, she is a short, bow legged fashion disaster. I guess knowing that her husband is only with her because he was kicked to the curb and had no where else to go, is taking a toll on her already unstable mental health. She can try and try, but she will never be anything close the the woman the ex was and is.

  20. There is no way in hell I could be friendly to a woman that whored away my husband, nor could I be friendly with the husband either, civil(for the kids sake)but not friendly, it’s not all her fault. He could have said no.

  21. Brandi is laughing at this trainwreck. Leanne’s career is over. Leanne’s marriage will only last as long as Mr Cibrian is unemployed. If the PBC became successful, adiós. Money is the force behind this marriage not love. Mr Cibrian is tired of his owner pulling the leash on his chain every time he gets curious and wants to explore his surroundings. Dogs are dogs and they like a big garden to roam free, to play with other dogs. Not chained to the fence and are forced to bark, sit and rollover for the next treat.

  22. To each there own and to thy self be true…Every one in the world often finds something funny and makes them laugh from the outside in?

  23. Someone buy that rough looking s…..k…..a…..n…..k a burka. A burka with the mesh slant that also covers the eyes. She looks like a crossbreed of a horse, shrek and the dog from that 80s movie. The Neverending Story. That hybrid needs to get her own life and stop copying her idol. WEIRDO!!!!!

  24. Meagan. Thanks for that post, you are unintentionally funny. Good laugh…………… Anyway………………..See below…………………..

    When did Rob Thomas last have a hit? 2004. Not quite a (has-been) as witchy33 aka wewenlove tb LeMAN Rimes, but still a while ago. Brandi want’s to be LeMAN. yep of course she does. Brandi loves the huge nostrills, squinty eyes, big forehead and horse teeth look. Gross is the new pretty. Jealously is eating away at Brandi. Between cashing Eddie’s child support checks that are most likely paid by LeMAN. The checks from RHOBH becoming the top favorite on the show. It’s all so tiresome and you can see by looking at Brandi’s radiant complexion, young looking skin, incredible fit body and her vibrant upbeat
    personality that it’s taking it’s toll on her. For arguments sake you’re absolutely right. Brandi copies LeMAN’s every move, LeMAN’s style, scent, stalks LeMAN’s husband and tries to buy her own kids affections because she’s so scared that her ‘RASCALS’ will love LeMAN more. Meagan by any chance are you one of LeMAN’s cronies or LeMAN itself? If you are please get off the board and stop embarrassing yourself any further. Don’t you have stuff to do like tweet how great married life is with a cheater, spend more money on Eddie, stage papped pics and most importantly pose in your bikini with the saggy lopsided flapjacks hanging out for all the world to see, then post it on Twitter. Plz tell Eddie be a good hubby and try not to scratch the itch. It’s only a matter of time before the itch becomes too unbearable to ignore. He has to ignore that itch. He can do it. A cheater can change. Just ask Tiger, Jesse James, Ashton, Arnold. Nvr mind.¯\(°_o)/¯

  25. Brandi Glanville is an abusive lying nutjob.

    And, Brandi, before you jump all over me, I hate LeAnn Rimes too.

    You both are nutty and need to eat a sandwich and in your case (and, for all I know, hers), stop doing drugs.

  26. @E

    The dead giveaway that you are a Leann fan(pretending that you hate Leann) is the fact that you pulled out the “Brandi uses or does drugs” card and boo hoo about how Brandi is abusive because she poked holes in Eddie’s tires. Leann fans always fall back on that line of thinking despite the fact that it’s Leann and Eddie who are always spotted with alcohol in their hands and Eddie was videotapped getting into a car after he had been drinking. In fact Eddie doesn’t touch or kiss Leann unless he is drunk, so it means that Eddie was drunk on Saturday while he was racing for Toyota. That explains why he lost. He was too drunk to drive.

    It also doesn’t help that Leann’s bestest twitter BFF is always posting the exact same thing on twitter each and everyday about how Brandi is a drunk/drug abuser. Why pretend that you are a Leann hater? Did you think that would give your comment more credibility?

  27. E – LeAnn

    There are many many pics of leAnn with drinks in hand. LeAnn and Eddie are always pictured drinking. They seem more like the alcoholics and not Brandi. Eddie has the weight to prove it. He is puffy in the face and in his belly region. He has gone downhill since being with her. Its not a secret and its karma. LeAnn can post in the form of E but it will not change anything. Its a safe bet that Brandi doesn’t envy her and their pathetic life together.eres Brandi never had money in the first place and got Eddie. He only went with LeAnn after Brandi kicked him out, he never wanted to leave. He wanted to work things out with his wife. Everybody knows this. People who put on the biggest show, tell everybody at every given opportunity how happy and in love they are, are in my opinion the people whose life is one big lie. Heidi n Seal. Example

  28. I think a lot of you pretend to have inside information…I also think a lot of you have been cheated on and a lot of you filter and reflect while having no earthly idea what cologne Leann Rimes wears..so sad.

  29. @opinion

    So then by your very own logic that means that these Leann “fans”(ie-Leann’s twitter pals who use 10-15 different twitter accounts to stalk and harass Brandi) who are posting here are CHEATERS who filter and reflect while having no earthly idea what cologne Leann wears because they blindly accept whatever Leann says as the ultimate truth, correct? No one would know anything if Leann would just shut up and lay low. If Leann doesn’t like the negative feedback, then the next time you tweet to her tell her to shut down the twitter account and blog and stop the staged photo-ops.

    What is so sad is that even after marrying Leann, Eddie still is pining for Brandi- to the point where Leann has to copy Brandi’s clothes, hairstyles, choice of shoes, perfume, and tweets just to trick Eddie into liking her.

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