On Sunday, Larry King and his estranged wife Shawn were very chummy at yet another of their kids’ Little League games. Now that BOTH of them have had their dirty laundry aired in public, they seem to have calmed down. Cheating on both sides put them on equal footing and dissolved a lot of resentment. The fact that they have been equally maligned by the press may have drawn them together. At this point, friends won’t be surprised if they drop the idea of getting divorced. Why bother? Everything’s out in the open already.


  1. The recent pic of her grabbing/molesting his nonexistant old man ass was beyond repulsive. Funny what some skanks will do to keep the ol cash cow from straying, isn’t it?

    I wonder if she gives him oral sex too, well I’m sure she does, probably right after her look-a-like sister is done doing the same. Now, THAT’S how to keep your geezer happy and married to ya…let him ball your matching sister too, and then molest his parts in public.

    Hell, if she can get past the old man breath and turkey neck (he probably has YWO turkey necks if you get my drift) then I guess she does deserve a bit of cash. Don’t MOST hookers usually earn their pay? And isn’t there an old joke about hookers, and establishing their price? We’re all SEEING hers!

  2. Reta, you are indeed a unique and interesting individual. I think what you said summed it up and there’s not much else to say about these two misfits, three if you count her sister.

  3. I think it’s fair to say that Reta always says *precisely* what any level-headed, decent and reasonable observer would say… if they were just a little quicker on the draw 😉
    As for *why* Larry & Shawn shouldn’t bother getting divorced now that their respective dirty laundry has been exposed?

    Gee, I dunno… a mutual LOSS OF TRUST, perhaps?!

  4. He’s a crass, senile pervert.. Like Hefner he’ll do anyone, thing for whatever reason and not feel any shame or discomfort. Let the sisters ridicule and scam him., it’s not worth the effort to warn or feel sorry for the horney coot, as he will soon travel on to the next woman who will agree to sleep with him.

  5. Please, you three keep your germs and bacteria to yourself. Sometimes diseases will make themselves known at a later date, such as HIV and herpes. It may be too late though. The old perv looks like a walking petrie dish.

  6. You hit the nail on the head with that comment about a person breath who smokes.

    Course, isn’t that what mints are for and you can bet Larry has a few of those.

  7. Why thank you Jasper and Helena, I appreciate the applause! I wonder if his “wife” and her sister-clone get all lathered up with pre-“Larry” moisture as they drool over him as he hunches over the desk bellowing into the microphone “Hello Memphis, you’re ON!!” While his red suspenders fairly swell a half an inch with the heaving of his manly chest! And wouldn’t THAT just about turn ANYONE on??? Hey, it’s worth every penney!

  8. HE, like numerous other americans, IS BAD WITH NUMBERS!!

  9. He is an old reprobate, pure and simple. There’s no fool like an old fool.

  10. We know that men are pigs, but women will do some of the worse things, with some of the worse people for money.

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