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We have to give Lady Gaga credit- nobody walks better in ridiculously high platform shoes than SHE does. (And she doesn’t have a guy to hold onto.) Here she is, towering over her fans, while wearing a dress with her “Born This Way” album cover printed on it. She doesn’t seem to be mourning the split with her boyfriend Luc Carl.



  1. I couldn’t POSSIBLY think less of this over-plasticized mess and FAKE fame whore. It would be cool if she snapped both her legs of at the crotch since that seems to be the only part she values. She has a common voice and is ONLY famous because of the constant nonsense and coating herself in anything she happens to have hanging nearby. Yuck, can’t WAIT til the fakery evaporates!!

  2. That’s not entirely true Janet, Frankenstein mastered that look & walk long before this wannabe copied it.

  3. I watched her concert show on HBO and she was very entertaining and she can sing live. I don’t much care for performers who call their fans “motherfuckers” though.

    Those shoes are over the top, not to mention ugly. The green blue wig is just awful.

  4. …..and she has somewhat of an overbite/buck teeth.

  5. LOL at Frankenstein. I think she does all this wacky stuff to distract from her not very attractive face.

  6. She is all fakery and is a walking gimmick. What happens to gimmicks? They slowly fade away, after people get so tired of the one dimensional note they represent…..WAY past time for this one to evaporate.I guess we have to wait for her fans to mature out of this stupidity.

  7. She is now a very, very wealthy woman, Love her or hate her you have got to give her the credit she deserves.

    I agree with Denise, at least she can sing LIVE. Unlike some other phony/fraud that is about to kick off a world tour, and won’t sing a single note LIVE!!

  8. Don’t flog me. I enjoy listening to some of her music. My granddaughters are allowed to listen to “some” of her music. They hear her on the radio and start dancing. lol

    Although I don’t care for the crazy outfits and shoes, I admire her drive and talent. Also, much to the grandkids delight, I know all the words to Poker Face. lol

  9. She writes her own music and lyrics. She designs her own clothing. She is the most powerful woman in the world in just a few short years into her career. Credit where credit is due for all of that!
    She is going back to the seventies with her name GaGa(Queen) and the shoes seem to me as if she is channeling Elton John’s platforms from the WHO movie Tommy. The Pinball Wizard.
    She is an original with a passion for the seventies. What’s not to like all you old fatties. Cut her some slack.

  10. Patrick, while you drool at her feet, the rest of us enjoyed the 70’s while we were THERE and this plastic coated joke will never come close to the magic that Queen had, OR the vocals that Freddie Mercury did. They WERE the “CHAMPIONS” not like this chick full of fakery and plastic and joke clothing. Plus she seems to have recently gotten a nose job which seriously goes against her “Born This Way” poseur attitude.

    While I DO value a singer/songwriter (a la Elton John) HER lyrics seem silly and contrived, just as she is. When she decides to stand on the stage with her own face, hair, body (not naked!!!) and sing her songs without the gimmicks, I’ll try to respect her then. And give me a song that makes me have goose bumps, that has meaning. For now, she is completely annoying, and big deal she writes her own stuff…many artists do. Hell, I’ve been writing since I was 8, so don’t give her a halo just because she writes. SOMEONE’S got to do it!

  11. Reta has it right. Back in the 60’s, and the 70’s performers were REAL, and sang and mostly wrote their own material.Most of it was stellar compared to the Madonna copycat that Lady GagGag is, It’s really pretty blatant. when YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GIMMICK LIKE THIS, SOMEHOW THE AUTHENTICITY IS LOST!

  12. Mary-Claire, I agree with you and Reta. She has the most gimmicky presentation of anyone of this present time. She may have talent, but I just can’t get past her “stuff” and her shoes, which she is bound to fall off of sooner or later.

    Mary-Claire, I hope you are not missing your doggie Jazz too much and you will just think of how you will see him again someday, for sure.

  13. I’m confused on how she is not copying the: 70’s, Queen, Sir,John and Tommy if she is referring back to them? Yes she’s a rich lady but Akon gets half.

  14. Mary-Claire….Ooops, I meant you will see HER again, not him, sorry.

  15. Yes, we have had decades of singer/songwriters in all types of music, and none of them had to rely on huge gimmicky plastic crap to get famous. Also, she bangs her chest and claims “Born This Way” but she has a nose job for sure and I’m pretty sure some new boobs too. Plastic thru and thru!

  16. Reta, but where do you go when everything has been done? And it has. By channeling the seventies she is tapping into an era that was the most dynamic for performing artists. That is undeniable.
    She is very shrewd and clever.
    Follow the money.

  17. she’s great! she can actually sing unlike most of the others out there.

  18. Patrick, I don’t see ANYTHING 70’s about her. Please do fill me in. Also, how do you excuse her obvious fakeness while she is cramming down all her “monster’s” throats how “born this way” she supposedly is?!

  19. Selene, if she would have kept her REAL face and hair, at least for a while, such as seen in her U-Tube videos, I could have hung with you on it. I too value REAL singers, but she is SO over the top with the nonsense you can’t even HEAR her lyrics. I haven’t the slightest idea what the hell she is singing about. It looks and sounds like a huge sleight of hand trick to me.

    If she could just strip it down clean and grab a mic and sing like the all-time divas do who need no tricks or gimmicks, I’d like to check that out.

  20. another year or two and she’ll be like boy george..cyndi lauper…..wears quick

  21. It has got to be incredibly hard to wake up every morning and try to outdo your own self.
    Those cement blocks that she is wearing on her feet reminds me of the old Herman Munster boots
    of yesterday!!

  22. Patrick is one of those dumb sheeple. Follow the money. How deep.

  23. What ever you say Rick.
    I saw Queen live Reta. They were shit.
    Do your homework on GaGa. I’m not a fan. But I have respect for a self made talent who takes it to the top of the game in short order.
    The richest last year and most powerful entertainer in the world.
    Compare her now to Madonna at the same time in Madonna’s career.
    GaGa is eating everyone that came before her for breakfast. By herself!
    No outside production unlike Madonna and every other bullshit manufactured so called musical talent force fed to the Sheeple.
    And fuck you Rick. Faggot!

  24. INDY……. Thank you for remembering how I love and miss my Jazzy… I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased at your kindness. I hope I do see her again…(Here,…or THERE)

  25. Well thank you Mary-Claire. I have somewhat of a photographic memory (don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse). Anyhoo, since Christ knows how we love and miss our pets, I believe we will be reunited with them some time at the beginning of the 1000 year millenial reign on earth. “No good thing will he with-hold from His own”.

    Pit BuLL Lover and Reta, you both love(d) your pets. Maybe you could ponder on this theory about our previous pets who we love. I have heard this theory 4 times from experts on eternal matters.

    (sorry everyone for getting off subject)

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