Here’s to Lady Gaga and her pyrotechnics! She pulled out her fireworks bra in observance of Independence Day. Ponder all YOU have to be grateful for on this July 4!



  1. in reading about gaga, i suddenly realized that….i have not laughed so hard since my aunt FANNIE got her BUTT caught in a fan and dis-ASS-ed her.

  2. Looks like Lindsey L. has got her an Israeli lesbian as a new gf. 2 jewish clam lickers…the rabai’s must be so proud!

  3. I wonder how much Madonna charged her to rent this from her? And by the day or by the hour?

  4. Does Lady GaGa actually have any SINGING talent? Any originality at ALL?

  5. Both fingers crossed, commencing countdown engines on……..hope she’s blown back to the planet she came from. And take your stupid music with you!

  6. I am a GaGa fan – not a FAN!!!!- and have to admit that she is too much. She reminds me of the gag in Spinal Tap, about the volume knob on the amps.

  7. Actually SebastianCanada she’s more like Hedwig and his Angry Inch! Wink Wink.

  8. Hilary to answer your question: she’s a great performer and that’s about it. Her voice is one octave, my 9-year-old niece’s piano skill are similar to hers and I’m not being sarcastic.

    She borrows lyrics from old show tunes and other artists, she copies melodies and personal style from other artists like David Bowie, Madonna, and others. I could go on. She needs to go away for a year or more. I’m sick of seeing her, it’s like bloggers and TV just shove her down our throats!

  9. Sally, LOL! So true (funnily enough, I caught part of The Angry Inch a week ago). As to your comment about GaGa going away for a while: yes! Absolutely! Maybe she should go on Sesame Street and they can tell her “O is for Over-exposure”.

  10. she is seriously conciddered as Ugly, folks.
    ………….sorry to say.

  11. One ugly wench in that sideshot….much like Babs S.

  12. I hate to admit it, but I agree with the Captain on this one. She is very homely and getting attention seems like the ugly girl in class that wants the handsome Quarterback to notice her. People forget she has more talent than Britney Spears in one finger. But stop the attention grabbing crap.

  13. Gaga doesn’t have Britney’s charm and she never will. Before Britney married that douche and became best friends with crazy, she was awesome. She can’t sing, but Britney can perform on that stage. She was fun and didn’t take herself too seriously.

    Gaga on the other hand is all show and no substance. She uses an old gimmick and pretends as though it’s never been done before.

  14. Sally, as far as I know Britney never actually sang on a stage – it was always lip-syncing. And as far back as I can remember, even in her videos, Brit Brit didn’t even dance that well, just went through the motions. On top of that Spears seems to be technically retarded. Entertainer? Talent? She would have to take a course to work as a door stop.

  15. SebastianCanada: your precious Gaga has been caught lip synching while on tour in Australia. It’s impossible to sing live and do dance numbers and since she smokes like a chimney, it’s highly unlikely she goes through the whole concert singing live.

    I never said Brit was a good singer, she’s far from that. Gaga and Brit are both diff animals, but in my opinion Brit has always been the better dancer. And there’s something about Britney, the proof’s in the numbers. Even after the crazy, the album Circus hit #1 upon its debut. BTW, Gaga has never had a #1 album in the U.S.

  16. With that schnozz she has to be jewish….my bet is you will never see that profile again.

  17. I would truly be shocked the most by her if she stood there in a normal beautiful evening gown and sung into a mic live on stage without all the gimmicks and contortions. That would impress me more than anything else she has ever done. Just to truly she what she’s got.

  18. Lady Gaga is quite the performer, very creative, a beautiful voice, innovative performances, extremely professional. She spends her time writing music, rather than partying, very unlike Lindsay.

  19. Lovely Lady Gaga your so cool and,At times you remind me of Madonna in some ways but you take it to the next level and You did do some acting and yes I Remember and I am happy your in this world shocking the hell out of people and pulling surprizes and doing strange things that get my attention and make me want to see more and Your Amazing and different in so many ways and I want to thank you for the entertainment and fun and laughs.

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