Janet Jackson, 44, hasn’t performed for awhile so she was determined to prove she’s still got IT with her show at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. She seemed REALLY happy to be back in the spotlight and it showed. Her sexy bondage themed production featured futuristic S&M costuming and Janet’s new short haircut. Mid-concert she pulled a guy from the audience and trussed him up in a straight jacket device in a steel frame. (Sounds like Gaga, who stole the idea from Joey Arias.) She pranced around him like a dominatrix and he ended up flat on his back with her writhing on top of him. Naughty Janet danced as energetically as ever – her only concession to maturity was a bit of knee padding in her high boots.


  1. Janet has a weak voice – even on produced tracks, which is bizarre – middling song-writing skills, is living in a fame bubble that is making here more and more out of touch, and getting very thick all over. Now she is doing the same old disco diva, gay icon schtick that Madonna always rolls out when her career is sputtering. Give me GaGa or Kylie Minogue – they know how to package themselves, and have good quality control.

  2. janet is amazing, love her. i will pay to see her if she tours

  3. Sebastian: I agree with pretty much all you wrote except for the Gaga bit. I wouldn’t give a half penney to see that overwraught retread.
    As for Janet, and the idea of HER being “nasty” hahahahahahahahahahha…the always virginal acting woman couldn’t drege up “nasty” if her life depended on it. Her version of nasty is about the limit of MJ’s level of crotch grabbing as far as on-stage goes. I’m not buying a bit of it. There’s something just non-sexual about the whole damn family, ecept for maybe papaJoe who wanted to screw anything that moved, and Michael and his bent for little boys being HIS exception. The rest of them should just give it up and join a convent. Fake tits, fake hair, autotuned voices, and copied dance moves from each other. BLAH!

  4. ^^
    and your any better, hiding behind a computer screen and typing hate. ?


    perhaps you should target the teens who are buying into the facade of janet and lady gaga. cuz to the teens ” they rule ”


    ps. you seem older, remember when you were a teen ?!?


  5. Yup “RETA” is a troll very tiresome boring has nothing nice to say about anybody why don’t you go to PEREZ with your routine.

    Sheeshe: I agree with you about RETA-Get a blog cause you’re stinking up the place over here.

    Janet Jackson for an almost 50 year old lady you’re doing fine and by the way GaGa rips off Janet and Michael all of the time! Britneys whole dance career is a Janet Jackson rip off.

    Geez! Reta Troll, get some education, use google if you’re gonna blab as though you were a pop culture expert!

  6. Janet has had another coat of skin lightner it seems….she, Mike, and Latoya must really have been ashamed of being black!

  7. And we wonder why there is so much teen pregnancies. And we wonder why so many teenage boys are raping their young sisters. Young minds can’t discern between what’s right and wrong. And if you think a lock on the internet to lock out obscene things will work, I have some swamp land in Vegas to sell you. Oh, and the last thing, STD’s and all sexual diseases are on the rise. This is not just because of Janet Jackson, but all filthy dance moves, starting mostly with Madonna. Soap box done.

  8. She is a cow and out of shape. That performance was crass and garbage.

  9. She cannot sing. It’s just all background noise and dancing.

  10. Indy, I think the dance moves and the STDs, teen pregnancies and inappropriate sexuality are symptoms of something much bigger. I think arch-conservativism, and puritanical thinking are also symptoms. As a Canadian of European parents, I have to say that America seems seriously disfunctional when it comes to the body and sexuality. I know it is a cliche now, but it is shocking how in America, if you turn on the television you will not see nudity (not even in a documentary where it may be appropriate and clinical), or hear dirty language, but you can easily watch a murder. Do Americans realize how aghast Canadians, Austrialian, all Europeans, etc., are at this?

  11. I loved her Control, Rhythm Nation and janet albums. I haven’t seen much of her lately, so I dunno if her latest work is good or not. But back in the day, she was fun to dance to!

  12. “Janet Jackson, 44, hasn’t performed for awhile so she was determined to prove she’s still got IT with her show at the Essence Festival in New Orleans”

    GIVE ME A BREAK! Janet has been without a major recording contract for many years having been dropped by her label and she “hasn’t performed for awhile” because she couldn’t sellout a concert gig for years and had entered the ranks trivia.

    Janet Jackson is a MASTER MANIPULATOR! She is as exploitative and despicable as the rest of her family! From the moment her brother died her only focus has been to use the media attention to further her OWN interests.

    She was, however, the only family member with enough remaining media clout to have perhaps save her brother’s life. If she cared so much about her brother’s troubles and was “so concerned” for him (because as she has stated “he was in such denial”) all she needed to do was grant one interview with Entertainment Tonight – or a like venue – and publicly call her brother out. The ensuing media frenzy would have forced him into addressing his issues.

    I understand most folks have never actually spent any time around Janet, yet it amazes me that so many are willing to buy into her deer-in-headlights, mouse-like voiced public persona in such a lemming-like fashion. IT’S COMPLETE BULL PEOPLE!

    For all his human failings and misguided choices, the truth is Michael Jackson was truly the ONLY decent and – believe it or not – “normal” member of the Jackson family.

    So to all the folks who go on & on about the VULTURES, USERS and ENABLERS in Michael’s life, remember this: JANET WAS ONE OF THEM!

  13. Most of what your wrote is a lie she put out an album maybe 2 years ago.

  14. she is suffering from a period.

  15. SPQ – Actually I gotta say iwritehits is correct about what she said about JJ’s record contract. I know this for a fact because before my sister had my niece late last year, she was an executive at Island Records for a number of years. My sister told me at the time (about 2 1/2 – 3 years ago) that the company dropped JJ outright after the sales of her Discipline were so poor that the disk itself could not even be certified and her last tour had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales. From what I understand is was not a happy parting & Island lost a lot of $$ on JJ.

    iwritehits – I am a MJ fan, so I can sort of see what you are saying about JJ speaking up to help her brother (after all Britney & Lindsay’s families went to the press when they were in trouble, & they are both still alive.) It sounds like maybe you knew MJ or had some sort of connection to him so I’m sure his loss is more frustrating for you, but the truth is when all is said and done MJ and his own decisions killed him in the end. I have never met JJ so I do not have any firsthand knowledge of her, but I have heard firsthand stories from my sister who did spend a lot of time around her. (My sis has never been as harsh as you were in your description though) But I do know that JJ’s soft=spoken, little girl image is all an act & she is very different in real life. I also know that JJ has a really foul-mouth.

  16. Strom, we get it you hate people of color. But anyway, I have never liked her music and really feel she does have a weak voice.

  17. Janet Charlton you silly old goose. Janet Jackson was pulling fans on stage and tying them up for a dry hump when Lady Gaga was still in middle school. And as for Janet Jackson, her Essence Music Fest concert sold out in 3min flat. So there!

  18. Darn, Jan Stan beat me to it. Janet’s been pulling guys on stage and tying them up for years. That was nothing new Janet. I do like her shorter hair though.

  19. Since when does grabbing a guy out of the audience and tying him up have anything to do with singing or having a good voice? These so-called “singers” need to drop the pretense and the autotune machines and grab a mic and just stand there and SING! If they CAN that is! And as for Janet or Gagma Crapfest I sincerely doubt they have enough talent to be able to actually stand there stripped down of all the gimmicks and just be a real singer of any merit. Where are the Billie Holidays and Etta James’ of today???

  20. How’s those three abandoned nephews and niece of yours doin’ pathetic tubby?

  21. dee cee: Those 2 words: pathetic tubby….for some reason has given me non-stop chuckles.

  22. Reta, I get your point, but why do people have to go back to ancient history to point to good musicians and singers, as if it all went downhill with or after the baby boomers. How ’bout Kate Bush, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox? I could go on and on.

  23. Janet,
    It is sad that any and all can blog. As so many astute responders before me, Janet has been seducing men from the audience for quite awhile.
    Well perhaps you just wanted some people to comment!

  24. Janet did the onstage bondage years ago. Please research your stories.

  25. Oh I’m pissed when I read all the hate. To lie and say that Janet was dropped from Island records is a damn lie, Janet left because she wanted to go in one direction and they wanted her to go in another direction. She refused to give in and she parted with them. Janet, has always been her own woman, she has had her own company for years and she has made good investments. She can dance and act and yes she can sing. Where do you get off saying Janet use auto tunes? All artist don’t have to scream and shout to be good singers, janet sond is soft, gentle and warm and she could always sing, if she couldn’t she wouldn’t have survived the business this long idiots. Stop lying, about her using auto tunes liar; her her songs are sung live and she is one of the few artist that can still dance and sing at the same time. As far as her concerts not selling, that’s an other lie. Even at the beyonce concert in Atlanta they were even asking people to come down from the staduim to fill up the empty seats in the front,so don’t get it twisited because Beyonce’s PR people want everyone to think she sold out. Janet must be a bad girl if you are on this website talking about her. Oh, by the way the stuff Lady Gaga is doing has already been done by “The Jacksons”.

  26. These negative comments is coming from the same person, they just signing in on different names. Look like someone is jealous of Janet.

    I agree Solay, Janet is a powerhouse because people are still willing to talk about her,like the people above. WOW!!!! you go Miss Jackson! Yes, I agree Lady Gaga stole all her stuff from Madonna and Janet. Sweetie Janet still have at least 6 1/2 yrs to go before she will be 50 AND! one thing we know she look good in her 40’s and some of these artist won’t look half as good as her when they get there. HHHAAAATTTERRRRSSS!!!

  27. If someone writes an article talking about Janet is coping off of Gaga or some guy named Joey than clearly the person who wrote the article don’t know the history behind Janet Jackson and is going by what they think they know. Everyone who has followed her career know that most of the stuff you see artist doing today came from Janet Jackson. I remember when destiny’s Child did the same thing; pulling a Magic Johnson, Terrence Howard and someone else on stage so they could dance for them…yea, right Janet had been there and done that, and she did a pole dance; which is where the pole dancing started as far as a exercising video. Please do your research, some of you people must be REAL YOUNG.

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