More important, what’s MISSING in this photo? It’s Mickey Rourke and his model girlfriend Anastasia Makarenko peering into a shop window. Naturally he has to take her shopping and it looks like he might be generous, but what’s missing here are manners. A real man (translate: gentleman) would never allow his female companion to schlep three shopping bags while he totes a newspaper.


  1. @dimes- That’s what I thought too…

    “what’s missing here are manners. A real man (translate: gentleman) …”

    S@it… He was probably ‘real man/gentleman’ enough to pay for whatever’s in those bags out of his Iron Man money. He’s gotta carry ’em too?

  2. I didn’t notice either a missing dog OR the bags being carried by the girl…what I DID notice was that BOTH of them have completely FLAT asses! There is NOTHING there! Must be a match made in “heaven” or some such strange place.

    PS…can’t even BEGIN to imagine trying to grab onto THAT missing ass of his during hot sex…but them, I can’t imagine hot sex with HIM either! Maybe with his original face, but no way with the one he’s wearing now!

  3. What is it with old has-been stars romancing young Russian girls/models/wannabes/money-grubbers. Remember Mel Gibson was oh so in love with Oksana Grigorieva and that is now a total disaster. Now it’s rumored that he wnats Robin back. At least Mickey didn’t have a wife that he left for this little fluff. Beware. Oh yeah, Reta, he for sure has no ass and needs to get a butt transplant ASAP. And maybe a sack over his butchered face when he kisses, etc.

  4. This chick is OBVIOUSLY out for his money. If he’s too stupid to figure THAT out, then he’ll get what he deserve later on, just like Mel the dumbass is doing now with HIS Russian moneygrubbing whore. Talk about old, desperate and STUPID! Did their brains roll out their ears as the grey hairs came in?

  5. PS…she’s got 3 bags full already AND got him to stop in front of a jewelry store…wow, what you wanna bet she takes a cue from Mel’s Russian ex and plants a baby next to assure her future with Mr. Noass?!

  6. Isn’t he always holding one of his dogs? Who cares, these girls get what they want, they are all users; and he’s another dirty old man trying to cling desperately onto his youth.

  7. I noticed the NO butt thing also.
    When you date girls young enough to be your granddaughter, you gotta pay to get lay

  8. Hey, crtb…SHE’s got no ass either! And SHE’s YOUNG! They’re a great match in that way at least, they can both stand perfectly flat against a wall and blend in.

  9. “Renting” a prostitute or call girl out of russia is for americans for free.
    ……………THAT’S WHY FOLKS!!

  10. rouke is probably “fixed”. he has not impregnated anybody yet! and he should carry the bags!

    mel was abusive to robin. she was a doormat, until she could no longer take his ass, and took half of his billion. she’ll be a fool to go back!

  11. Where I’m from they call them skillet asses, flat as a board. We men may never learn that a young woman doesn’t see your old body and face, they see that big wallet.

  12. Russian women have taken over the lead golddigger crown…anything for the $$$

  13. Indy, those type of Russian girls out Hollywood bimbo the Hollywood bimbos. That is why tired old male celebs hook up with them. It is like the emperors new clothes; these men think they have a great thing going, but everyone else sees the skanks for what they are. No one is going to say anything to the guy though, just snicker behind his back. Bet all the shop assistants get out the Lysol once the tacky couple leaves the shop.

  14. I love Mickey! I’m so glad to see him back working. He truly is an underrated actor. Yes she’s a money-grubbing ho or why would she be dating him. Because despite how much I love Rourke as an actor, from past interviews the guy has seriously deep issues. He’s very very complicated.

    BTW, she’s got great legs. I think the skirt makes it look as though she’s got no ass.

  15. BTW – and I know this is a generality – why do women from eastern block countries always have clothes, makeup and hairstyles that are at least ten years out of date, even if they live in the modern west? Too many of them end up looking like unsuccessful hookers.

  16. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too Sebastian. They DO always look like they took lessons from an ancient magazine. Maybe that’s it?! That bimbo that Mel knocked up sure had the old fashioned hairstyle and the heavy eye makeup didn’t she? GAWD! I can’t BELIEVE he knocked her up! I mean it sure does show how absolutely STUPID he is, doesn’t it?

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