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LaToya Jackson enjoyed being one of the biggest stars featured in the Hollywood Christmas Parade Sunday night and she dressed appropriately. She is happily anticipating the sentencing of Dr Conrad Murray, whom she always claimed murdered her brother Michael. Her family is pressuring the judge to throw the book at Murray.


  1. Not a fan of Latoya or Star but the way Nene bullied them around on CA was disgusting and racist to say the least…calling her casper.

  2. A total racist who hates her BLACK race. Caspar is a good name for the whole clan except Michael who should always be called “the pervert”. He should have been hung by his horny balls in front of neverland.

  3. I blame Joe Jackson. Everyone of his kids are screwed up some way. They hide marriages, the men and women talk in a whisper like little kids, they address their creepy dad as “Joe”, Joe beat on them (per Michael and Latoya)…etc.

    None of those Jacksons seem to know what they want or who they are. Janet seems sane..okay, perhaps saner but that isn’t saying much. Janet is crazy too.

    You know one thing that I have thought was interesting is that when the Michael Jackson Perv accusations were flying, not one of his brothers came forward and said that they let their little boys spend the night with him in his bedroom.

    Lots of amazing talent in that family but the dna is all messed up.

  4. They are pressuring judge? That does not sound like a smart idea, does it?

  5. I have followed this blog from The UK since its onset. Although enjoyable, there seems to be a bias of stories aimed at the Jacksons and the Kharcrappians.Interest in some other celebs would be appreciated.

  6. oh Strom, I love it when you’re so bloody silly. Of course she’s a joke, the whole family is grotesque. But, it’s got nothing to do with their colour. Just ask the Trumps, The Hiltons, The Osmonds et al. I could go on all day. Grow a frontal lobe Strom, it’s not 1940 and this ain’t Mississippi. What a dunce.

  7. But it is their color or their hatred of it that is the key. Washed out Jacksons, Casper the Ghost Jacksons…they all have a chip on the shoulder because they want to be white at any cost. Michael the pervert led the way and the others are following!

    Why do BLACK men head straight for the white girls..the poor black women have no chance!

  8. The “family” knew Michael was an addict of great proportion. It’s too bad they didn’t try to convince a judge to intervene and send him to rehab…oh, that’s right…that would have stopped their gravy train.

    The Jacksons are all parasites and they need to just shut up!

  9. That doctor is a scapegoat. Michaels death was a systemic process that many people contributed to. Please tell that Biatch to stop wearing fur. She is promoting animal cruelty every time she wears fur and it is selfish and evil.

  10. Just heard that The Jackson Family is in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against Dr. Murray claiming Michael’s estate should be compensated 100 million dollars. This on the heels of his being found guilty in criminal court. Go figure.

  11. I think she is right…I am on her side 100% and hope that man stays in jail for the full term!

  12. I am happy that this Dr got what he got and would love to see it happen to this other Doctors who do the same thing to other movie stars and actors and singers as well…He is the first and hope he is not the last!

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