Not only are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi both vegans, but they have cats and a dogs at home that are vegans also. Feeding themselves is not difficult, especially since they are opening a vegan restaurant in the San Fernando Valley on Ventura Blvd. Finding appropriate pet food with no animal byproducts is not as easy. So now Ellen and Portia are looking into coming out with a complete line of vegan pet food.



  1. I seriously hope that you are just gossiping and that this isn’t based in fact. Dogs are carnivorous animals and need animal protein to be healthy. Is ok for humans but I sincerely hope that Ellen isn’t trying to make her dogs vegan. That’s not right

  2. Can their heads really be that far up their Hollyweird asses?! So they want to reinvent what nature has already perfected?!

  3. The Enquirer had a story where a woman was sleeping and her pet dog jumped on the bed and tried to tear her mouth off. When she was in the E.R., the woman said she had a steak dinner, went immediately to sleep and the dog could smell her breath and that’s what happened. Dogs eat meat, dumb nasty lesbians.

  4. Weirdo lesbiabs who regularly eat each other but draw the line at eating meat off a plate. Send them to Gay Island!

  5. Who is the man of the two? Whatever…..they are both still in training bras it appears. 🙂

  6. Calm down people. I’m a lifelong dog owner and if you look at the ingredients in any quality dog food, there’s a lot of healthy stuff in there besides meat. Dogs also benefit from a healthy diet, including vegetables, and as long as there’s a protein source, the dogs will be fine. My greyhound loves vegetables and bananas.

    In fact I suspect there is very little actual meat in most brands of dog food.

  7. Seriously, Janet, you should block some of the awful haters who post on your website regularly. Awful homophobic slurs should not be tolerated. Is disgusting. Same ones over and over again on here that post rude, horrible things.

  8. These two are disgusting. The decline in morality has now reached it’s pinnacle. America is doomed by this social and mental degradation.

  9. I apologize for my earlier post, it was rather stupid and as I’m just a little broken troll, I’m envious of their beauty, fame, wealth, skills and wit.

    Me, I lurk, anonymous, alone, terrified, spitting out the window at people with bigger lives than mine. just plain jealous

  10. There are some deliciously scandalous comments here. I love it!

  11. The above Strom post was obviously by an impersonater.

    While it’s certainly not about poster’s, it is amazing that some get very strident when a gay is called out. Ellen wore and continues to wear the Lesbo Badge of Stridency during her very unfunny comic routines and failed tv comedy. She is on tv only because there must be a gang of lesbo’s in programming at her network.

    When you see this picture you can instantly tell who attempts to play the role of the leading actor each night.

    The scariest sight in the world must be a naked and arouded Ellen, complete with strap on, rushing toward the bed…..Portia is a gold digger but probably deserves combat pay!

  12. Strom, give Portia a Purple HArd and send her to Gay Island to have her open wound nursed.

  13. As Martin Luther King’s famous speech starts off: “I Have A Dream”

    Keep on dreamin’ !!

  14. Ellen currently is co-owner of Halo, a pet product & food line that promotes all natural ingredients.

    While not vegan, their line is very good (check out their earwash) & their food is considered the best quality but is rather expensive (nearly $3/12 oz tin.)

  15. Lauren is right. These animals will develop allergies and skin problems requiring a lot of treatment. And they’ll die fairly young.

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