All Kris Humphries has to do is look at the People magazine cover photo of his wedding to Kim Kardashian in order to guess what his future will hold. He’s the disappearing man! Sure, you need a groom to rake in the bucks for an eight million dollar bling infested wedding, but in the end, he’s not really all that important – just an accessory. The Karashian steamroller of publicity will carry on and Kris will find himself shuttled into the background- sort of like his family who flew home from the wedding, economy class.



  1. I’m drawing a big hairy wart on her nose (maybe black out a tooth) when I get my copy in the mail. 🙂 I’m so tired of her!!!

  2. It’s her second wedding and she wore a blinding white dress. On her third, I hope she goes the beige route and flys to Las Vegas.

  3. @Walt – flippin’ LOL!!!

    They airbrushed the wart OFF her nose. Copy I got had the Frankenstein scar, 2 neck bolts & she was carrying a broom, one she flew home on.
    As for Kris? Who?? Yah, sounds about right. These people need to get sucked into a black hole & never, ever return to planet earth. Amen.

  4. @Yoyo

    Hey little YoYo. Greetings this afternoon!
    I like your Frankenstein idea….the bolts in the neck really give it some flavor. LOL!!!

    I say just put a “For Sale” sign on her and place her in the front yard. Oops, sorry. I guess they already did that didn’t they? Oh well.

  5. You know, it’s funny; I never even noticed he was missing from the picture! She looks perfect, but perfect relationships don’t generally need to be advertised on magazine covers. Neither do they usually face a $2.5 pressure tag. Misspelling intended.

  6. Oh, she couldn’t cutsie sit in his lap or be held like a precious possession in his arms.. for this special one time event picture..? Well, he looks better in his groom’s wear than she does cramped, tucked, stuffed.. greased and painted in that gaudy-clown get up.. and he may appear like he’s slow and a special ed sort.. but, he might be smarter than Kim the shallow roach faced princess and her family thinks..

  7. @CoCo

    Excellent point (that the groom was missing)!!!! 🙂

    She really is beautiful on the outside. Her name and ever expanding fame will just devour Kris. (Easy Strom. That statement isn’t meant to be dirty. lol)

  8. Last time I checked, Kim was the famous one. Famous because she gets paid to look beautiful and not really do much, but famous just the same. As if most people wouldn’t do the same if they were being courted by the celebrity money making machines that have made KK a multi-millionaire!!

    PS There are a few people on this site that should be served a big ol’ double slice of Minny Jackson’s, now famous, Chocolate Pie!!

  9. I hope Kris is not as dumb as he looks, and he pulls something on the entire “K” Klan and takes them down. I don’t know what that could be, but we can only hope. LOL

    PS: I am so sick and tired of Kim posturing and posing w/ her big ass sticking out. She is just a used up old whore basically.

    PPS: In regard to the pic of Will and Jada Smith on upper corner of this People Mag….when they vehemently keep saying they are still together, well, it raises red flags. Whatever the case, I can’t stand them. And I’ve always wondered—was Jada at one time a man?

  10. To: Janet Charlton. Janet, you have outdone yourself lately on your subjects. Keep up the good work, our favorite gal.

    In the past few days, I’ve been having more fun than the time when my Aunt FANNY backed into the electric fan and it Dis-assed-her.

  11. How can Kris have any respect when his wife is known only for providing sex in every way to a multitude of BLACK men. Guess how many BLACKS were invited to the wedding? so few it is shocking!

  12. @Muffin

    Sure. I think a large majority of us would do all kinds of outrageous things for millions of dollars.

    Hell, I’d dress up like Kim Kardashian in the above picture, yes, dress and all for just a tenth of the money she makes. You then publish the picture on the front of Field and Stream or plaster it on a scare crow.

    There’s a lot of crazy things we would do have $$$$$. Heck, I might even throw in a song or two (which is scary because I don’t sing either). LOL!!!! 🙂

  13. ps) @ Muffin

    God knows I love the sweets but I’ll pass on the double slice of Minny Jackson pie. 🙂 (wink)

  14. i could be wrong but have a strong feeling that Casonia is a black female approx age 40.

  15. Skinny arms, flawless skin, and C-shaped cheekbones, kimmy. Courtesy of your phriends at photoshop? What a surprise.

  16. @ Leo

    It was blueberry tarts tonight!! Love love love blueberrys….and strawberries….and kiwi….and….:)

  17. Food again, how shocking. Not!

    Oh, and notice that it says “Kim’s Wedding Album”. Apparently Kris doesn’t even get his name on the album. It will be interesting to see how well this issue of People sells.

  18. @Denise

    Are you giving me attitude? Don’t make me get out my cow puppet!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    Besides, you should know that I always invite you to pull up a chair and join us for supper. I promise not eat off your plate or pick my nose (or anyone else’s) LOL!!

    Better???? 🙂

    that’s why she married “Kris”.

    …………GET IT?

  20. True…actually the entire background of the magazine should have been in black to be more appropriate for her.

  21. Those are not diamonds on the headband. More than likely they are quartz crystals or cubic zirconia. They are false just like she is.

  22. Of course Walt. And please, no nose picking at the table. That would really put me off my feed.

  23. @Denise

    Okay. I promise not to harvest any boogers while your at the table. However, just as soon as you turn your back, I’m going in and digging for gold!!!!! LOL!!!!! 🙂

  24. casonia sade logenberry..Hells kitchen hope that elisa gets the boot? Jennifer keep up the good work and who else is weak! Poor Tommy speak up sexy man or your butt is gone! Everything is coming to a head! says:

    Kris humphires is going to live like a King and…And know he gets to share his life with the love of his life and know he has his Beautiful life..Full of joy and love and wonderful group of people that are smart and kind and ruthless to some degree.

  25. @ Strom…”Jada always looked like a mean little dyke!”…..LOL…priceless!

  26. Kris Humphries hasn’t been married to The K’s for a week, yet, and look at the disaster that marriage is causing already. Earthquakes,
    Aftershocks, and Now the threat of Hurricane Irene.
    *I heard it through the grapevine that the *survivors on the West Coast are blown away by the East Coasters because The West Coast Residents are used to the threat of Earthquakes, and they find humor in the people who have gone on TV in recent days with their *startling stories!!
    * Believe part of what you see, and some or None of what you hear.

  27. Its hateful, I know, but I hope People magazine takes a loss on this issue he,he, ha.

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