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Bottom Photo via The WOW Report

To bad Kirstie Alley wasn’t a starlet in the early fifties – she would have been the sexiest woman in Hollywood. Back then, girls tried to GAIN weight to become desirable and nobody carried adderall in their handbags! Modern Kirstie is still battling her appetite – she looks to have put on a few pounds since “Dancing With The Stars” went off the air.


  1. I hope she isn’t putting on weight again. She has had a great opportunity to loose weight healthfully, AND put herself in the limelight again. She as buckets of money, so can afford the right people (personal trainers, chefs, etc.,). No excuses.

    Although to belong to some crazy cult, I guess you would have to have something wrong with your head to begin with.

  2. …………so she missed this ad?

  3. I dont know why she messes up her body with her fluctuating weight, finally this will take a toll on her. Other than that, Kirstie is ok, at least in my book.

  4. Kirstie probably can Not keep the weight off because she is surround by all those farm animals that she keep as pets. Looking out into her yard seeing all the delicacies right outside her door may be more than she can stand. Maybe she Needs some furry friends instead of the pets that whet your appetite!!

  5. The only way she will truly be motivated to keep the weight off is to meet a man who is interested (or pretends to be) in her.

    Since she is so heavily (pun intended) into Scientology, I think her brain is screwed up, as she seemed to have an odd personality on DWTS; sometimes she just gave a blank stare and then she jabbered and then tried to put the moves on Maks. She needs to first of all get out of SCI and start over.

  6. Indy you are correct. Can’t the Scientologists create a special diet plan and make millions on it for the overweight stars. Include Travolta in that group. They are missing a money maker here.

  7. I could understand the need for it in the 1920’s and during depression times. Heck, most people were thin and struggling to eat.
    I doubt there were that many in the 1950’s that needed to gain. Remember studios were handing out pills to their little starlets hoping they wouldn’t gain weight.

    I’d say that was an ad in the back of a magazine much like the x-ray glasses.

  8. Is that a current photo of Kristie? She needs a much shorter hair cut and style. Hope she can get the weight off and be healthy.

    Wish she had a mind of her own and would leave the cult and take her money with her.

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